I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.
In compliance with the GDPR ruling, 
I am posting a personal privacy policy relevant to my blog
and you as a reader or follower.

I do not have a distribution list of collected names and or emails.
I do not have a newsletter for any type of distribution 
to any emails or social media platforms.
I do not use any 3rd party apps (i.e. Mail Chimp) 
to collect any personal information about anyone visiting my blog.
Should your email or name appear on my blog,
I am not asking for it and dont' want that information.
However, should it appear, I will will not store it, sell it 
or share it with anyone or any social media platform.
  My blog is hosted by Bloglovin on their business platform.
 I have no input or control over any Bloglovin policies security or otherwise.  
I do have a security login and password that allows me to 
connect and use the Bloglovin Platform.

I do not have any affiliated links on my blog.

All my personal technology platforms that I use to write my blog posts 
 are password protected,with security questions, etc.
If I am in a blog hop, I may need to provide other participant 
URLs, as sent to me by the hosting blogger, in my post.
I will not share that URL in any other format or platform.
If you do not want me to provide your URL in this type of
blog must tell me to remove it.  
If you are a follower of my blog, that is your choice.
You may opt out of following my blog at any time!

I may not be able to see your comments via my email platform.
I will read you comments as provided in the comment section
 of my blog.  I may not be able to respond directly to you!

Sorry for any inconvenience...

Kwilty Pleasures Blog
Kathy Gordon, Blogger and author

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