Friday, December 4, 2020


Welcome to my Great Room and
The Clan Gordon Christmas Tree. 
I have many trees each year,
My Scottish Theme Tree and Mantle
transports Clan Gordon to Scotland each year.
Even Santa has a bagpipe!

It all begins with the tree.
Much to my chagrin...this is what happened
when I plugged in my pre-lit tree. Once lights begin to go...
I don't trust them any more.  
I love this tree as it has many kinds of branches
so, I opted to do a crazy thing.

I took wire clips and cut off  ALL the lights. 
I have done this before if I love the tree.
A timely and hand scratching effort, but I don't mind.
I added 5 brand new strands of 100 lights!

Every tree needs fattened up a little.
I use pretty flocked branches on this one.
I want a forest of Scotland feel.

Make sure they stick out from the shape of the original tree.
And I fluff the original branches as I go.

Many people put the star on the top of the tree last!
Nope...I work from the top down.

First I place two 'real' deer antlers, securing tightly as
they are very heavy.
Phil and I bought these on our honeymoon in Breckenridge, CO
Dec 4, 1999 (21 years ago today)

Then I place the star between them.

Tree topper ribbon is next.
I like texture, so there's a red shiny and a plaid flannel ribbon.
Both are wired which makes it easy to shape.

Then I add the ribbon strands throughout the tree.
This year I draped and tucked it down the tree.
I make sure each ribbon tuck is secured by a tree branch twist,
keep them fluffy...not to tight against the tree
and allow both ribbons to show, alternating them.

Next is a huge bin of ornaments.
I should count these, but I am pretty sure there
are close to 200 ornaments.

I may not use them all and some will go on the mantle.
See those big glitter balls on the right.
They go on first...inside the tree to fill in holes
The glitter picks up the tree lights.

Here are a few close ups of the ornaments.
I have lots of shapes, sizes and textures.
Lots of owls and stags !

And there's my only Scottish Santa on the tree.
I need more bagpiping Santas!
He is close to the top of the tree and 
you can see some glittery pine cones pics I added.

More fun ornaments and a bit of white for some pop!

The mantle has many layers.
There are two types of garland...all that look very real.
White lights and ribbons from the tree.
I added some ornaments and 2 stars.
The Stag canvas is beautiful and I added a flannel ribbon
to make it pop.
I have a Bag Piper Santa and he gets his special place here.

A different view.

And so the corner went from this.

to THIS!

This picture of Phil and me,  is a couple years old.
You can see the tree was decorated just a bit different.
Antlers higher up, ribbon goes around the tree horizontally.

Merry Christmas...from Clan Gordon

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


I have been helping my Brother-in-law, Gary, downsize
his 5,000 sq ft house.  Last fall his wife, Leah, of 30+ years
lost her battle with cancer.  He is 82, rattling around
this huge place, suffers with some stroke disabilities
 and is totally overwhelmed!
Kathy and Phil to the rescue!

When GARY mentioned a CHRISTMAS ROOM that needed
attention, Mrs. Claus was really excited to get started
on a room full of holiday goodies.

This vintage paper mache Santa was one of the first items
 I found and decided he should live with ME!
I just love the uniqueness he brings with his brown
paper bag and those eyes!

I also kept this this ornament tree.
I have often thought about making one.
Now, I don't have to.

And lastly. I couldn't resist this white (fake) feather tree.
I will find a very special place for it.

The downsizing in this room was no easy task.
It took me 2, 5 hour visits JUST to sort the CHRISTMAS stuff.
I found lots items to be donated.

I took 2 car loads like this to charity.

I had to sort thru all this and decide what goes where.

My sister's church in Marion, OH will be decking their halls.
with lots of ornaments

Glitsy garlands

All these large red bells will look pretty
hanging outside the white church.

My 80 yo sister hasn't had a Christmas tree
 in forever. So she will have first pick of everything.

I found these stockings and suggested to sis, she keep one 
and give the others to her friends, as Christmas gift. 

 I found  stocking hangers...for the stockings!
And the holiday happiness goes on and on!

The 3 large bins go to the church.
The 2 small bins, to my sister.

This tree remains at Gary's house.
I may bring this home to put in my great room
I have a Scottish Theme tree and I believe
all my decor will POP on this neutral color tree.

If you know me at all, you know
I believe in paying it forward.
And with this effort, I believe Leah will be pleased
that many people will continue to love
the Christmas she left behind.

Friday, November 27, 2020


I had a plan to make this for someone's baby
but found a quilt already made, that was perfect.

Still, I finished the quilt and will hold it for
a future baby.  It has all the makings of a wonderful
gender neutral quilt.  All the fabrics are from my stash.

I decided to make a disappearing 9-patch.
Make a 9-patch block

then the 9-patch disappears
when you cut those blocks into 4ths,
flip them around and sew back together.

I love having custom labels to attach to my quilts.
My name, my business name and the year the quilt is made. 

I had some pieces left over so
I made a horizontal strip to put in the backing.

It turned out so great and I am
ahead on the possibility of gifting this
to a new baby!

Friday, November 20, 2020


When I travel to Amish Country, in Holmes County Ohio
I don't expect to find anything "modern".
Once in awhile a fabric might catch my eye.

til one day...this past October
I stopped at a shop I have heard of for many years.
Mostly as a Bernina repair shop, not much fabric.

It was bigger than I thought and lots of Bernina's greeted me as I entered.

More fabric than I expected.

THEN I made a sharp left and saw the newly built classroom
It was FULL of modern quilts!.

Sassafras Lane Designs...quilts all over the walls!

This quilt is made using the Cadence Court pattern

This pattern is Arcadia Avenue

This pattern is Euclid Avenue and  was done in many variations.

And a few by the talented
Krista Moser, The Quilted Life

And I bought this pattern to bring home
It uses 2 1/2" strips and I have plenty of those!
Mapleton Avenue

I was so excited to find a modern heart beat in
the middle of traditional Amishland.

I hope this was NOT just part of the shop hop!
In any case, I was thrilled.