Wednesday, September 16, 2020


I finally finished them this summer.  
Lots of fun gifts for some lucky recipients.
Most of these patterns are free!

Lined Drawstring Bag
Tutorial by Jeni Baker, In Color Order Blog

 Adorable Llamas

I couldn't pass on GNOME fabric.
This tutorial is by Noodlehead, Wide Open Pouch.

The front and back have different colors
and I switched the zipper out to turquoise.

The One Hour Basket is perfect for
these Llamas dressed in their Holiday Sweaters and scarves.

I did swap out the lining to a black and white.
Not sure why, maybe I misplaced the other option.

Another Wide Open Zipper Pouch.
These are so easy.
I love the way the zipper is installed
allowing the bags to 'open wide"

I love this one...might have to keep it!

Little Sheep make a cute Wide Open Pouch.
I have many friends who knit and crochet!

You can see this open and the zipper dangling to the side.
Lots of space to get in and out of the pouch.

Another Drawstring Bag by Jeni
You can use the tutorial, yet make this bag ANY size.

This one is sew cute...and a bit smaller than the others.

These were QAYG units that used some of my
scraps and my Mom's dresser scarves.

I have made many of these and given
to the Granddaughters.  Then I found this in my
sewing room.  Might just keep it!

This bag is the Perfect pouch.
It works up easy and is flat when finished.
Good for an embroidery or cross stitch project.

This was to be a Reversible Box Tote. 
I didn't like the interfacing, sew...
I cut off the handle and made another
Wide Open Pouch.

It's all about what is easy and will still look good!
Nailed it!

I have a few wallets cut out...
Sew they should be next on my to do's...
but are they?

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Second Sewcial Distance Sewing Pattern
with Kim Hensley is....COLOR DIVE 
a free pattern by Anna Marie Horner.

I had a lot of Alison Glass scraps that I received
last you via #getyourquiltywishgranted on Instagram.

This was my first Rainbow designed quilt.
All pieces are 5" squares with a few HST 
to transition from one color to the next.

I selected a fun all over Edge 2 Edge design
for Coleen to longarm quilt.
It's a good size also, 64" x 76"

This is Coleen...she's just awesome!

The backing is also Allison Glass and a 
bit of Guicy Guice

Binding is my final journey of making the quilt.
I like to hand stitch it down and relive that journey.

Kim made a Twin size and isn't it amazing.

Having someone to sew with, even at a distance
keeps you focused and moving forward.

Do you have a sewcial distance sewing friend?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


September 2019 I was asked to do a trunk show for
The Perry County Sewcial Club.
A new quilt guild located in Perry County, OH

I knew the founding gals and said I would love to.
Being new and no budget, I offered to exchange my show
for fabrics.   If each person could bring me a scrap of
a pink or coral flower...I would make 
Laura Heine's Pinkerton Flamingo with those fabrics.

I received over 40 pieces of fabric!

The process begins by fusing and cutting all the fabric pieces
to be designed into the collage. 

I drew the design on the interfacing.
Then piece by Piece you lay out and fuse the
pieces onto the interfacing.

I loved this part of the design but it took me
4 hours to lay it out and another hour to fuse down everything.

Then you cut out the flamingo.

The backing is made with all the other fabrics the 
girls gave me and a bit from my stash.

I lay the top over the backing to make sure it fit!
You can see the horizontal layers of the background.
From white down to pinks.
I used Quilters Dream batting for this bird.

Pin basting for me!

The quilting was done by me on my Bernina 740
The bird body is a small stipple.
The rest of the top is Echo Quilting all around the Flamingo.
It took 8 hours to quilt!

I am lucky to have a large quilting table.

Here's a nice view of the finished quilting.

The Perry County Flamingo
has found a perfect summery place to reside!

She was a challenge and I stepped out of my
normal piecing and quilting to give her a life.
I am very happy she came into my life.
Just like those Perry Sewcial Club Quilters.
However, I would have selected a smaller
collage design if I had to do a "first collage" again!

Thursday, August 27, 2020


2020 has been a year of confusion,
exhaustion, anger, frustration and
the drive for me to stay busy!

I have to create to keep my sanity!
I want to share with you a quilt that is a free pattern
from Erica Taylor Jackman aka @kitchentablequilting.

This pattern is Plaidish 2
and I have pulled a lot of Christmas fabrics...
well red, green and white fabrics.
Many are Christmas prints I pulled from
stash and scraps.

Here is a link to download
Plaidish 2 over on Erica's blog.
It seems more like a check than a plaid to me.
Should look good in the Christmas color.

Plaid-ish 2 Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

I doubt I will finish this by Christmas but
at least I am gathering the fabrics and perhaps
I will get it all cut out.  

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


When I am not sewing...or card making...
you can find me knitting.
I could call it Quarantine Knitting but
I began the first two projects before RONA
raised her UGLY head.

In January, while in Florida, I began this lovely shawl.
It's the "Dusk to Dawn" pattern you can find on Ralvery.
I used a fingering weight yarn, 50 Shades of Gradient.
I finished it in April after my return from Florida 

Next on my needles was a sport weight yarn called
Pima Prisim yarn and the pattern is free on Ralvery.
"Letters from Russia"

The last finish was a fingering weight
call Cherry Garcia.  I used another free
pattern from Ralvery called "Arlequin Shawl"
This would be perfect for football season...
however, RONA has put her nose all up into
that business as well.

I have several more skeins to knit and have
found patterns to go with the yarns.

I must keep busy because but seriously
my creativity is halted now and again

What are you doing to keep your sanity?

Friday, July 31, 2020


I have a great kwilty friend who loves scraps.
One of the first projects she encouraged me to do is...
Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks.

I have a project bin, with all the blocks
ready to sew.  Clover clips keep each block separate.

I used a light green print down the center of each block.
Looking at it now...there's not a lot of variance in color value.

I used the Bonnie Hunter's tutorial
and you can find that one here!
These (now) ugly blocks will come charity quilts.
Proves once more...I never have been a fan of BH.

My scrappy queen friend is Kim Hensley.
She recently came to sew with me and her
scrappy quilt blocks are amazing!

Kim is using a Christmas Jelly Roll.
and she added white as an alternating row.

She found the more MODERN tutorial,
that uses a jelly roll for the blocks,
over at Woodberry Way Blog.
For the sewalong / tutorial click here.

I want THESE blocks...not mine!

Have you made a Scrappy Trip quilt?
IF I make another it will be
 with a jelly rolls from my stash!