Monday, August 15, 2022


I am always behind the TRENDS in the quilting world.
I never hop straight on the band wagon.
I like things to simmer.
I like to figure out, if indeed, I want to make the make!

This SWELL Vintage Santa was one of those projects!
He took me right back to my childhood!

I saw a friend make this Jingle Jangle Pattern
and fell off the roof hard...for it!

But I didn't have any of the SWELL fabrics.
Cause I don't jump on the bandwagon!

Well before I know it...She sent me some fabric,
a few others sent me fabric and I found the Santa on Line.
I may have had the mini charms in my stash.

Quickly I had the Jingle Jangle quilt top done.
You can see I opted for a charcoal gray solid background
vs the green/white blender!

Just another bandwagon bump!

Then the top sat for a year!
I was scared to work with the Santa.

But I decided to get it done.
and I did it!  Sewed him onto the
Jingle Jangle
quilt top!

I was also scared to cut away the quilt from under Santa.

But I did it!
Now he waits for Kim Hensley @happilyeveryquilting
to work her magic.

I just need him for Christmas!

And lets not forget the backing.
Hustle and Bustle line by Basic Grey!

Check back by Christmas...he will be making a list,
checking it twice,
Gonna find out whose Naughty or Nice!

Sunday, July 31, 2022


I have decided my favorite part of making a quilt is....
finding the perfect place to take the wild.

Come with me into The Franklin Park Conservatory.
It's a gem in the heart of Columbus OH.

The gardens are full of beauty and perfect backdrops.

This summer the grounds host a Topiary Takover!
  UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites, inspired the animal topiaries. 
All designs, constructed and grown by the FCP Staff!

My quilt caught the attention of this buffalo...stopped him in his tracks.

And a Bengal Tiger lay in wait...he had heard the news
of a beautiful quilt in the garden.

And the camels were not to be ignored.

Having been to Egypt they may have been a favorite.

A courtyard was full of fun sea creatures.
The jellyfish were delightful!

But lets see what other backdrops I found in the garden.

Now step inside the conservatory for more beauty
as I display my quilts among the Dale Chihuly permanent installations.

If you like this pattern called Stargazer you can buy it here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post
as much as I enjoyed getting all these photos...
and breaking a few rules in the garden 

"Quilts in the Wild"
with a wild child at the camera!

Saturday, July 23, 2022


Sitting here with COVID...
I tried to do all the right things, shots, booster, 
social distance, mask, hand sanitizer, no family gatherings,
hunkering down til my legs hurt...


I became complacent about wearing my mask outside of my home.
I became to comfortable in large crowds 
with ushering in theatres and at outdoor venues,
with NO MASKS on my face!

But tonight I share with you something beautiful....
The Stargazer Quilt Pattern by Corinne Wells of Frannie B Quilt Company.
I was a pattern tester and this top was finished in fall of 2021

My Longarm gal, Kim Hensley @happilyeverquilting
took my work and turned all my imperfections into a beautiful
quilt that I absolutely adore!

We decided the SoHo design has nice movement for all the points
and rectangle designs this pattern brought forth!
You can see all Kim's designs on PINTEREST
Happily Every Quilting, LLC

Here are some close ups her Innova put to test!

The Zen Chic fabric line, Quotation
was perfect for this autumnal feel of the quilt.

I pulled Low Volume scraps for the background!

Look at this beauty with the Dale Chihuly art behind it at
the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH

The quilting looks STUNNING!

Stay tuned...there's an entire post about this photo shoot!

Here's to gazing at the stars all summer long!
If you like this pattern you can find it here
at the Frannie B Quilt Company website. 

Thursday, July 14, 2022


As a pattern tester we sometime get nice little perks.
This is the newest fabric line, ELEGANCE,  designed by Corrine Wells of
Frannie B Quilt Company. 

She reached out to her pattern testers to ask if we could make a project.
Turnaround time was to be quick, what would we make and
she would send us the fabric to us. 

I said sure…how about a table runner and I love those mustard colors! 
These are the FQs  she sent me. 

We could add from our stash but she preferred solids
And try to keep her fabric the star.
I pulled these and she approved. 
Now to figure out a pattern. 

While I work on my project…here are some patterns 
Her testing team have tested over the last few months. 
Your can find them here
The Elegance line of fabric will be shipping
soon to quilt shops.   

Stay tuned…my project will be finished soon! 

Thursday, June 30, 2022


I was cleaning up my sewing room and came across this 
scrappy book full of wonderful patterns.
And when I say...I was cleaning up...
that was summer 2021!

I found a pattern called Roundabout...that uses 2 1/2 x 5" pieces.
That means, to me, get into my charm stash
and scraps and get something made.
Sometimes I just need a simple and fast make!
(Fast is this was all decided in 2021
and its now 2022)

I have over 70 "hoarded" charm packs!

How about this incredible find!

And Tiddly Winks may have been one of the very
first Charm Packs I ever bought.

I have always loved
Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt
I made a Churn Dash quilt in 2018

and I had bigger scraps left over that could work.

I cut them all into
2 1/2 x 5" pieces

I had white in my stash, so yep
that was used for the pattern as well.

Look at all this fun fabric!

Once all is sewn into units.
I can make this top
just need to decide the layout!

I really need to get to these!
I cut them all when I lost a dear friend in 2021.
He's been gone a year and 
it's time to move on and get them done.