Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween Finishes 

Halloween is fast approaching!  
 I have made 3 new Halloween quilts this year!
Lots of my Ghastlie fabric collection is 
looking good in a quilts, rather than sitting on a shelf!

I used the these first 4 lines of Ghastlies fabric.

Ghastlies Peep Show
I used the Thimbleblossoms "Red Velvet" pattern
with a couple X blocks revised to my liking.

The backing (and binding) is a green/black Halloween print 
I have had in my stash for several years.
Stash pink and gray prints / most of them Ghastlie prints.
Green border is KONA and I bought it.

I had a few 8 1/2" focus fabric squares of fabric cut
so I made some black and white dot squares...
Fun piano key FMQ on the black and green borders.

and made this insert for the backing.
The quilt finished at .

The second Ghastlie quilt was made using the
2017 Ghastlies Moments panel cutting 5 1/2" squares!
Added lots of stash solids and Ghastlie prints.

 Mathilde Ghastlie is just awesome!
A fun sharp-angled FMQ quilt design on this one!

Back was a combo of larger stash FQs and Ghastlie fabrics
(remember I am using stash fabrics)

Next up is a Blue Nichols Quilt Pattern
My stash of Cotton and Steel fabric
"Spellbound and Boo" 
Stash black, gray prints for the backgrounds 
and GRUNGE tree trunks
I deviated from the pattern's two horizontal rows
and made the top symmetrical for my...
"Haunted Forest"

The backing is yardage from Zen Chic's COMMA line
that I had hoarded for a long time.

I had some C&S Halloween prints left
so a horizontal row along the bottom part of the quilt
added a pop of color.

All 3 of these quilts were long arm quilted by 
Michelle Mayton in Mansfield Ohio.

I have one more Ghastlies quilt sent to my friend
and fellow guild member for
Central Ohio Modern Quilters
and, Columbus Modern Quilters. 
Cassandra is making great quilts and accolades
and I am lucky to have her quilt this one for me.
Check out Cassandras blog here

I will have a full post on this quilt once it is completed.
but for now..a sneak peek!

I hope this post will inspire you to 
Use will be glad you did!

Tell me, what is your favorite Halloween fabric?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Amy Smart (Diary of a Quilter)
 Modern Christmas Tree Blocks
have been tugging at my heart strings...
(for many reasons)

I had been collecting fabrics for a while,
that I thought would work for my version of the quilt.

I sorted and cut the basic pieces, per Amy's tutorial (link below)

Check out how stinkin cute these blocks are!

Finally, enough blocks to get started on the design wall.

THIS is NOT the final design...just playin around.
I have an idea for a staggered layout !

Here is a link to the tutorial by Diary of a Quilter
and a look at her finished quilt.
The blocks can be made in two sizes.
3 1/2" x 4 1/4" 
or 7" x 9" (my blocks)

This is Amy's amazing 
Modern Christmas Tree Blocks quilt!


Today my Mom would have been 104 years old.
She's been gone 12 years, but it seems like yesterday.
Cora loved to hand piece, making only utilitarian scrap quilts.
Christmas was her favorite time of the year and she
always held her Christmas dinner the Sunday before Dec 25th to her children
 to spend that day as they wanted.

This quilt will be
"Cora's Christmas Trees"

In loving memory
Cora Hess Clayton
1914 - 2006

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Scrappy Trip 2018

One of my goals for 2018 is to use a lot of my scraps!
I have been saving 2 1/2" strips for years.
My friend, Andrea Aldredge hosted a Sew Along on Instagram
for Scrappy Trip Around the World.
It got me started...but I knew I would not finish
the blocks in time to win any prizes.
My personal prize...get the blocks started!

I decided this green, small print fabric by Jenni Calo 
would be my accent fabric in each block. 
I like a little structure to my chaos. 
Sewing it in the first position of all the strip sets will 
give the eyes a place to rest...once all the blocks are done.

My 2 1/2" scrappy strip pieces were cut at 16" 
I got two from each of my "hoarded" strips.  
I also cut 2 1/2" squares and set those aside.
(those will be another project)

Scrappy Strip Sets have 6 strips.  
Except for the first "green strip"
 I randomly pulled strips from my stash to make each set.  
The hardest part of this design (for me) is
letting the scraps be scraps.

I pressed and cut my strip sets for final sewing.
See the green strip is the first strip in each set.

Once cut and sewn into the final 
trip around the world block...
The green fabric goes down the center
of the block at an angle.

I need to work on getting these all sewn and make the top.
For now they remain a very happy WIP!
They may or may not be finished in 2018
but at least the trip has begun!

Saturday, September 15, 2018


It's PUMPKIN season.
I only like Pumpkin a candle...
But I do love me a pumpkin quilt.
I have saved orange, gray and white fabrics forever.

I didn't know what design I wanted to use for this quilt.
I just knew this color combo was a must.

THEN I saw the Pumpkins quilt by Cluck Cluck Sew
and the long awaited journey thru a pumpkin patch began.

Pumpkins #167, PDF Pattern

Click here to purchase you copy!
There is also a mini pumpkin pattern available.
Didn't take long to cut the pattern pieces
and sewing ensued.

I took it to quilt retreat lat May as my main project.
Pattern calls for several solid pumpkins.
I had some Lotta Jansdotter that had to go in the mix.

Several strip set blocks.
You know, sew the strips into rows, cut, resew

I used the same brown for stems
the same green Grunge for the leaves.
I used two different white Grunge fabrics for the background
There were some blocks sewn with horizontal strips.

I have a mobile design wall.  Its made by Fons & Porter
and you can find them easy enough. Use the Joanne's
40% off coupon if you can.
Command Strips make it easy to hang!

Sewing the top was easy and quick
putting a pumpkiny smile on my face!

Looks good to me!

I decided to quilt this one myself.
That being basting is the hard part.
No I don't use spray basting.
My traditional roots are showing!

It's a bit larger than a lap size, but my Bernina 740
has great throat space and a dual feed walking foot!
I used a 4 length and the serpentine foot.
My 740 has a 9mm width so I set it at the widest.

 Slow and steady...start at the middle
And remember to flip the quilt horizontally on each row.
I do random widths between rows...
(I forgot to do this and has a bit of distortion on one side)
I washed and laid flat to dry...stretching it
to get it as "squared" as possible.
I used the backing fabric as the border and love it.

looks great hanging in my hallway!

Speaking of pumpkins...
This gorgeous display greeted everyone 
at the Columbus, OH
Country Living Magazine Fair
Sept 14 - 16, 2018

Is there a Pumpkin wine?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Let me take you back to the 80s and a time these 
hot chicks knew how to take it to the streets!

Me, Doris Ann and Linda
getting ready for a night out 
 Dallas/Ft Worth Texas

And here we are 2018...just a bit older but still friends
and we hit the streets to shop...but had a girls night in...
to celebrate many, many years of friendship, 
a birthdays and a retirement!

Me, Doris Ann and Linda

I made them both a Poolside Tote cause
I love them and they deserved a fun gift!

This one was  Doris Ann's birthday gift.

This Poolside Tote was for Linda
who was celebrating her retirement!

We drank lots of wine and laughed til we cried 
looking at pictures from days gone by.

I guess the moral of the story is...
What happens in Texas, stays in Texas!
and as baggy as we might or might not be...
we will be forever friends!

I hope you have a friend or friends
that know all your secrets and still LOVE you!