Thursday, December 6, 2018


My partner in quilting crime, Kathy Guenther and I
 attended our first Glamp Stitchalot 
Only football or quilting would get this BUCKEYE to go to
Ann Arbor, MI. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, we received a great SWAG BAG 
full of goodies from the event sponsors.

It didn't take long to get set up and ready to sew...
wait....we didn't take anything extra to sew...
60 people attended.  We were in 4 quadrants and stayed put
while the instructors rotated around the room!

After the Thursday night dinner...we headed to our room to
to drink some wine.  This is my special glass Kathy gave me
 for Christmas last year!

Friday had a day full of classes...3 in all. 
AND of course there was shopping
all during the event from Pink Castle Fabrics!
They are the brains behind Glamp! and did a fabulous job!

First class Friday was an applique class.  
I have not done applique in probably 12 years.
BUT is was fun!
Barbara, from Pink Castle Fabrics stepped in
for Felice Regina, who had to cancel at last minute.


I decided to make the Llama project but instead of an oval 
wall hanging or mug rug...I just made a rectangle 
and this will eventually become a Knitting Project bag.
Isn't it cute!

Next up was Jeni Baker who I have admired for quite some time.
Her blog In Color Order is amazing...just like Jeni!
Be sure to check it out!

Our class was about transforming a quilt design 
with color and fabric using HST and Flying Geese
 I need to finish the Geese.
No idea what this block will become.
This was one of my favorite classes.

The 3rd class on Friday was with Lizzy House.  
We made a wallet/pouch to carry essential oils.
I almost finished it, but she suggested rounded corners 
and did not suggest bias binding..DAH?
Needless to say I am taking the binding off,
cutting the ends of the wallet straight across and
will make a sewing kit...or something usable. 
These are the fabrics I selected for the project.

 Saturday was a blast...first class was with my
all time favorite Scrappy Girl...
Amanda Jean Nyberg aka Crazy Mom Quilts.
Here Amanda is show us how to use phone book pages to
do foundation piecing...great idea!

I took plenty of scraps..
for the Improv Scrappy String Block class

and finished 12 blocks

I took my books so Amanda and Jeni 
could sign them for me.

The last class on Saturday was the one I was
sew looking forward to.
The Ugly Sweater Blocks with Kerry Goulder.


I had my fabric selected and began the process...
then I fell in a black hole.
The technique Kerry teaches in NOT like
I leaned 15 years ago. It took me forever to figure this out back than an here in this class, I became frustrated and 
could NOT get my head around it.

I pulled up a You Tube video by Angela Walter 
whose technique was the same as I remembered.  
But by then I was aggravated,
tired and just didn't want to be bothered.  
I decided this block would be best done at home,
by myself, where I could really concentrate.

And once home...I made this as a test block.

Next one is a special llama sweater.
I'll be sending this to someone who is knitting me 
a pair of socks...but....

wait for it...

I made it into a knitting project bag!

One of the best things that happened at retreat
was meeting an Instagram  friend, 
Pam Lincoln @mamasparks.
She lives nearby and came by the hotel to meet me!
Football field oponents..
but we had such fun talking and 
definitely connected "in real life" as stitching sisters. 

I prefer retreats where you bring your own projects. 
Sit, sew, chat, shop. drink, eat..not sew structured.

BUT this was a great event. New kwilty friends and
I really enjoyed meeting, talking to and getting to know the instructors on a more personal level. It was great that they
sat at different tables during our meals sew we
everyone could chat with them.

When, where and what kind of retreat is your favorite?
I'm looking for a new adventure in 2019.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The Virtual Cookie Exchange organized by
Carol at Just Let Me Quilt begins today!
I happen to be the first of many bloggers who will share
their holiday recipes, traditions and fun!

I have been a COOKIE DIVA since 2000

 I hosted Christmas Cookie Exchange Parties
with my girlfriends for 10 years.
This is a pic from the last year...when
I presented each sweet friend with her own 
"Cookie Diva Apron"

My party was not your typical cookie exchange!
I prepared and served a complete meal,
made each guest a "handmade" party favor,
made Cookie Recipe Books (using their recipes) for all
AND I decked my halls with as many as 17 Christmas trees.

COOKIE DIVAS had to bring 6 dozen, of 1 cookie
(no duplicates...they had to call asap with recipe)
NO store bought, NO no-bakes, HOMEMADE!

Dress in the party theme...different FUN theme each year!
Girls dressed in everything from Santa's Suites,
to this Christmas Mouse

I had wonderful prizes every year for best dressed, best cookie, etc.
Sew many wonderful memories with my friends.

The "Vintage Apron Theme" was one of my favorite parties.
I asked each girl to wear the apron and then gift it to me.
They each signed a muslin square 
with their name and the year we met.

I wouldn't tell them why!!!
I made this Memory Quilt with Friendship Stars
using those aprons and signed squares

Block close up 
FMQ on a longarm by Shirley Haller.

Here's the label

Of course, because of these parties the girls
crowned me "The Cookie Queen"
 I have a special "cookie baking" apron...

I have many cookie recipes to share with you today
They are on my Sweet Celebrations tab...
For quick access click here  !

But THIS cookie is a favorite!

November 27

Get the entire 3-day lineup here at

And as you read this I am on my way to see to see 
The Biltmore Estate decorated for Christmas. 
See Asheville, NC holiday lights
and stock up on my Biltmore Wine! 
Our 19th Anniversary is Dec 4 but this is our celebration.

I will respond to your comments as soon as I can...
Please tell me what your favorite Christmas Cookie is...

Monday, October 29, 2018


I am trucking along with a new holiday decor theme!
I have quite a collection of the 
Vintage Red Truck/Christmas Tree ornaments.
 Last year and they were very hard to find.
This year...this theme is EVERYWHERE!

This post is about the fabric I had to have.
It takes me back to the farm I grew up on
with lots of great holiday memories and SNOW!
I found two with the trucks and
one with the barn scenes by Henry Glass

I fussy cut centers for Economy Blocks.
Its a fav block if you have a special novelty print.
And of course, I pulled some Grunge Red and Green
from my stash and the black and red plaid.

I decided to make pillow covers for a couple really
old and ugly toss pillows!

I found a black and gray print for the pillow backs.

And in no time...DONE

They just sing...over the river and thru the woods!

And will look great on my front porch for the Holidays.

and they also say...come home for the holidays.

I have a pile of blocks left and my hubby wants a quilt
with a flannel back...I will add some red and black check fabric blocks 
sew it will work up quickly.
The question is...THIS Christmas or NEXT?

Stay tuned because my Holiday decorating starts soon
and you will see a lot of this theme.

YES, I am "one of those people" who puts Christmas BEFORE
Thanksgiving every year! I am "thankful" I can do that!

My Foyer, Dining Room and front Porch
will make you want to "Come Home for the Holidays"

Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween Finishes 

Halloween is fast approaching!  
 I have made 3 new Halloween quilts this year!
Lots of my Ghastlie fabric collection is 
looking good in a quilts, rather than sitting on a shelf!

I used the these first 4 lines of Ghastlies fabric.

Ghastlies Peep Show
I used the Thimbleblossoms "Red Velvet" pattern
with a couple X blocks revised to my liking.

The backing (and binding) is a green/black Halloween print 
I have had in my stash for several years.
Stash pink and gray prints / most of them Ghastlie prints.
Green border is KONA and I bought it.

I had a few 8 1/2" focus fabric squares of fabric cut
so I made some black and white dot squares...
Fun piano key FMQ on the black and green borders.

and made this insert for the backing.
The quilt finished at .

The second Ghastlie quilt was made using the
2017 Ghastlies Moments panel cutting 5 1/2" squares!
Added lots of stash solids and Ghastlie prints.

 Mathilde Ghastlie is just awesome!
A fun sharp-angled FMQ quilt design on this one!

Back was a combo of larger stash FQs and Ghastlie fabrics
(remember I am using stash fabrics)

Next up is a Blue Nichols Quilt Pattern
My stash of Cotton and Steel fabric
"Spellbound and Boo" 
Stash black, gray prints for the backgrounds 
and GRUNGE tree trunks
I deviated from the pattern's two horizontal rows
and made the top symmetrical for my...
"Haunted Forest"

The backing is yardage from Zen Chic's COMMA line
that I had hoarded for a long time.

I had some C&S Halloween prints left
so a horizontal row along the bottom part of the quilt
added a pop of color.

All 3 of these quilts were long arm quilted by 
Michelle Mayton in Mansfield Ohio.

I have one more Ghastlies quilt sent to my friend
and fellow guild member for
Central Ohio Modern Quilters
and, Columbus Modern Quilters. 
Cassandra is making great quilts and accolades
and I am lucky to have her quilt this one for me.
Check out Cassandras blog here

I will have a full post on this quilt once it is completed.
but for now..a sneak peek!

I hope this post will inspire you to 
Use will be glad you did!

Tell me, what is your favorite Halloween fabric?