Monday, April 24, 2017


I hope I have not biten off more than I care to chew!
My plan is to make one quadrant of this top!

I just made one Florence Flamingo
all the tiny pieces drove me nuts!

She is a dirty bird!

I have picked my fabrics and think 
these will be a very fun color combo for the critters!

All cut and packaged...
maybe I will take this to a May Quilt Retreat?

Have you made this? and if sew...
what tips can you offer!

Monday, April 17, 2017


I am definitely catching up. 
There were lots of color and beautiful designs
throughout QuiltCon 2017

More of my favorite quilts!
I don't know all the makers but if you do, let me know!

Cassandra Beaver, COMQG

Sugar Skull Quilt

and a Harry Potter to top it all off!
I'm not really a HP fan but the work on this was

Sew there you have overview of 2017 QuiltCon
...better late than never...ever...ever!

Friday, April 14, 2017



These are some of my favorites at the 2017 QuiltCon.
If you are reading this and you know who made what
please let me know and I will tag the quilts!

Central Ohio MQG Charity Quilt

Cincinnati MQG Chairty Quilt (Ohio)

The charity quilts made by many MQGs was
one of the BEST parts of the entire quilt show!

and check out the carpeting!

This exhibit drew me in time and again!

"Bling" by Katherine Jones, Australia

Judges Choice
Waiting for Sanity by Krist Daum

Minimalist Design: 3rd Place
Besty Vinegard (N Jersery MQG)

and many others that caught my eye!
This one...was in a booth but I love the colors
and the PLUS design always catches my eye!

Stunning design and luv the colors in this one.  
Oh yeah, the quilting rocks!

I can wrap my head around some scarlet and gray!  

I usually don't care for all soldis in a quilt
but  the design here makes it pop!

how fun is this one!

Creativity just ran amuck in this entire show!

Here is a sampler of sorts...sort of!
Yellow, black, gray, white...yes please!

I hear the 2019 show will be in Nashville, TN
Pretty sure I may check it out again!

Monday, April 10, 2017


I know QuiltCon is just a memory now...but its still worth talking about.  
It was my first...and all I thought it would be!

I was one of the first thousand to register, I received 
this cool bag full of swag!

Get a load of these "Dashes" (Churn Dash Quilts)
 I don't know all the makers or I would tag them for
credit of their wonderful work!
IF you see this and one of these quilts is YOURS
please let me know!

This was a MQG group Charity quilt!

another group charity quilt

Group Charity Quilt

Group Charity Quilt

and then there were quilt with "Lines" 

how about a Hashtag?

THIS bunch of lines...was a nine patch challenge! 

  "Sphere" fabric in a bunch of lines making a sphere!  
The quilting on this is incredible!
Lots of lines (and pebbles)

 more lines...reminds me of pick up sticks

Cassandra Beaver is in my Central Ohio MQG.
THIS is lines made with thread in this quilting 
Lots of lines in negative space!

I may be slow in posting...but in the end
it's still good stuff!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Charley Harper Mini Swap

is what a Charley Harper Mini Quilt looks like.
and it was made for ME by @librcat
in a swap on Instagram

The backing is just as cute as the front and look at the corners.   
I have to look up the tutorial on how this is done!

My "extra" fun gift was this tiny pincushion.  
There is a slip opening for scissors just above the 
piecing area!  LOVE IT!
and the back is just as cute...again!
And now heres my mini that went to @tami3020

I kept the quilting simple with some stitch in the ditch and 
echo quilting over the piecing.
After all CH birds are the stars of this mini!

It finished at 14" square

A peek at the back...

A project sleeve to hold tools
for paper piecing

And what's a tool kit without the tools?
A small cutting mat, rotary cutter and add 1/4" ruler.

What is your favorite Charley Harper print?