Monday, July 17, 2017


Made this cute zipper pouch for 
the Columbus Modern Quilters pouch swap.
Rachel Chilton, ran the swap and assigned me 
as her pressure here!  LOL
She loved it! 

 Check out The Curvy Zipper Pouch here
  by Haberdashery Fun

 Kim Hensley was my secret partner and made me a boxy pouch!
Sew Sweetness is the designer and you can find
the pattern Annex Double Zip Pouch here.
I love both the zippers and the boxy look!

I hope you summer is full of fun pouches, 
zippy fun and lots of phones ringing to keep you busy!

Monday, July 10, 2017


I love being a PATTERN TESTER!
This has been another fun opportunity because 
I am on Instagram!  Many IG pattern designer peeps will 
post that they need testers for their patterns.

Years ago I wrote a couple patterns, before EQ7
and I have taught classes. I know lay-man's language...
Sew to Speak!

I was asked by Emily Lang (@mommysnaptime)
to test her SHADES quilt pattern.  

Although her pattern was low volume with a bright center....
I headed to my stash to find bright novelty prints
and put together a totally different color value top! 

The cutting began with 2 1/2" strips

I provided lots of DETAILED feedback cause well...
patterns need to be easy to read and follow.

Then this happened on my iPad
A diagram that was supposed to be displayed on page 2...
floated to the top left corner of page 1

I provided screen shots to make sure Emily 
knew what I was talking about. 

I write feedback almost line by least section by section.
Because I did not follow her color selections for main and secondary colors...
I had to really think about how I would place my fabrics.

There was lots of strip piecing involved.

This is one 18" block.

Four big blocks make the top of the baby quilt size and you
could choose to make this top up to a king size.

A very cute finish...if I say sew myself!

And this will be backing...yes it was in my stash too!

It was a fun and easy to test pattern.  
I used up some novelty stash and this is a great
"gender neutral" baby quilt!

I also tested these patterns...
Charm Dash Churn by Ms. Midge

 Woven Fences by Andrea of Scarlet Key

The Slim and Sassy Wallet pattern 
by Rena of The Southern Bobbin

If you need a pattern tester
...someone who has 30 years of making quilts (and bags)
...someone who can see past the designers color palate 
...someone who is not afraid to provide healthy feedback...

I am your "pattern testing" girl!

Monday, July 3, 2017


I am talking about curves made with the Quick Curve Ruler
or in this project...The Mini QCR1

I selected some of my hoarded Flea Market Fancy
with Cotton and Steel to make a table runner
I can use any season!

I worked on it last winter while staying in 
  Ocean Isle Beach, NC..with this view...
I am lucky it was ever sewn! 

Alas..I regress...Back to the project!

Sew Kinda Wonderful has a way of writing
patterns using diagrams that make using her rulers
easy and sewing the curves is a piece of cake!
Just pay close attentions to what registration lines
you are to use!

They trim up easily using ruler guides as well
and away ya go!

It's like a fun puzzle laying out the pieces
for the tree blocks.

one at a time..

 Sew them up and its ready to quilt!

I used an off white for the binding.

The backing is FMF with some Carolyn Friedlander
inserted to make it just the right size and reversible.

And luv it on my dining room table! 

What's your favorite project with CURVES?

Monday, June 26, 2017


I never jump on the bandwagon as soon as a pattern comes out.
I have to look at it and let it simmer in my mind
to make sure I want to give it a try.
Like the Elizabeth Hartman patterns.

I need some new pieces for a quilt show coming November 2017.
MY own show, a local garden has asked me to do!
More on that later!

Sew...I pulled some fabrics...

to make this up in a wall hanging size!

 These orange and green colors are
very my minds eye!

Selecting the background was the hardest...
as all 3 could work!

Lots of cutting and bagging plus I found...
a new use for Wonder Clips

I enjoy auditioning the colors...for a green owl!

and an orange owl!

The firefly has to most pieces...
should be an interesting sew!

 For now they are all packaged up in little kits!
I want to make a small design board to keep the pieces on
as I sew the blocks together.

I like these and the free tutorial I found here
from Bee in my Bonnet.

Gonna make one animal at a time 
sew not to exasperate myself!

Til later...I may get lost in the forest!

Thursday, June 15, 2017


There is certainly a trend going on these days with
fabrics in HOOPS of many sizes...
being used in many wonderful ways!
I dug out my supplies to give it try!

Well didn't you know this was coming!
I had to hoop me up some Ghastlieness!

I began with hair...why yes REDHEAD Ghastlies!
Mathilde Ghastlie looks good as a ginger!

A bit lighter shade of red here for
Magda Grislie (sister of Mathilda)

I added some brown for her broom straw and 
all the trees have black and/or gray stitches

Red thread outlines this "striking" pose by
Cordelia..and her hammer!

The Ghastlies' Mansion needed
a pop of black in the trees and a
 bit of greenery in the bushes!

I painted the hoop black

Used a white fabric behind the print 
to help hide the backside stitches.
My starts and stops need work!

But all in all..its quite Ghastlie
and hanging in my sewing room!

My Ghastlie creation was sew inspired by WildBoho
when she posted this Ghastlie Owl on Instdgram
LOOK at those STITHES!
This owl comes to life!

Nicole Vogelsinger's (@wildboho) work is stunning and 
I was lucky to get her book for Mother's Day. 
Its amazing how she 'fussy cuts' a design from one fabric
and uses it atop another and THEN her stitching!  

Please check out her amazing blog, here
From there you can buy her book, follow her stitch along
or buy an already made piece of art!

Another inspirational "hooper" is a local designer and
a friend of mine.....You might know her too!
 AnneMarie Chany aka GenX Quilters (@genxquilters)
 and her work is amazing too!

Great opportunities from AnneMarie for
BOMs,  tutorials and lots of inspiration!
 and her pattern page is here

For now...I have my eye on these old hoops 
that have just been hanging "empty" in my guest room
I think I see some Charley Harper fabric making an appearance!

Permission to use the photos from WildBoho and GenX Quilters
This is not a paid advertisement.
I just love them and all their inspiration!

Grab and hoop and get stitching!