Wednesday, July 10, 2019


It was a spring for baby quilts.
My good friend asked me to make a baby quilt.
Her second niece is having a baby
and she wanted this pattern.

OK, its a traditional, but Debbie
always knows exactly what she wants.

Her niece has an interesting color scheme for
the new baby girl...cream, peach and sage.
Sounded more like wedding colors and I knew
finding baby print fabrics would be a challenge.

BUT we did it and this very modern take of
Winnie The Pooh fabric was just the ticket.
We found a few sage and peachy colors as well.

I made a couple test blocks because the block was
"on point" and the pooh figures had to be upright.
Well, by the time I got the blocks made...
I had 16 hours in the top alone.
The tiny pooh squares were 2 1/2'

I got the top all put together at quilt retreat in May.
Now there is 26 hours in this baby quilt.

I used the darker Pooh fabric for the backing and the border.
I had larger pieces of the Pooh prints
Sew I put them into the backing
Finally you can see what the prints looks like.

Very happy with the end result.

I used a FMQ meander again.
You just can't beat that design for a baby quilt.

Kathy Guenther, my quilty peep in crime
suggested I outline the horizontal strip of Poohs
with a frame it out.
I love this backing!

Aunt Debbie always comes up with
the best labels for the quilts
like this...

Here is the quilt on display at the baby shower.
I had never heard of this...
but all gifts were NOT to be wrapped
just put on display for all to see.
What a great idea!

And here is the beautiful family.
Two nieces on the left
Little girl in the middle has 
one of my hand made quilts.
Debbie on the right.
A very proud Auntie, indeed!

And to end this fun story...
not only did Debbie buy all the fabric,
She told me to keep what is left.
and give me a sizable tip!
I love it when someone understands how
much work goes into a quilt.
This 58" square quilt took over 30 hours to make.

Sunday, June 30, 2019


A friend asked me last spring...
what do you charge to make a baby quilt?
I explained the cost varies, but
 quoted the "friends" price.
Her eyes widened and said...oh I have to think about that.  
I told her if you select fabrics I have in my stash...
I can make it for....$$$

Still, she had to think about it.
A month later, I saw her and she decided
the quilt was to be made.

I sent her options of fabrics and she chose
Nordic Woods by Michael Miller.

This quilt is for her niece and nephew's baby and they are outdoor, hiking peeps. 
 She loved the bright vivid colors.

I put the top together at a May quilt retreat.
Perfect 10 pattern by Swirly Girls with no border.
It took a while to get the colors / blocks
arranged.  A few sewing peeps helped me
make it look this great!

I found the backing orange/white fabric
in my stash.  YAY!

Quilted and the binding is the same  
striped fabric used on the back.

Here you can see the traditional FMQ meandering.
I love this for a baby quilt.
I like to sew my business tag into the binding.

And the one fabric backing, also traditional, works.
Especially when you are working on a budget
of time and money.

I delivered the quilt and another success story finished.
The finished size  is  48" x 54".
Customer was very happy the baby can use this 
lapsize quilt for many, many years.
Check deposited!  

Friday, May 17, 2019


I feel scrappy every once in awhile
and when I do...I pick up my Featherweight
and work on my Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks.

I have 9 blocks done.
I have the green fabric in the center of each block
and hope this will give the eyes a place to rest!

I haven't been blogging to much lately because
I get aggravated with BLOGGER!
Way too often BLOGGER disables the function that allows me to receive your comments in my email inbox.  

I would like to get SCRAPPY with 
BLOGGER when this happens.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


I am finally working on the Stars and Stripes pattern
by Thimble Blossoms

There is a QAL on Instagram
sew it should be fun to see if I can keep up
with all the hooopla!

@redrainbootshandmade is the host...go check it out!

Just have to quilt it....

Friday, April 12, 2019


I think my quilting style reflects...

 I like combining elements and techniques 
that make me happy!
My roots are planted deep in traditional quilting
after 20+ years...and  I like to break the rules.
I have never liked quilt police or quilt snobs
of any professed quilting style.

Lets take a look at some of the 2019 Quilt Con quilts.
I don't mention makers because 
this post is about MY THOUGHTS
on traditional vs modern 
and not about WHO made the quilt.

This quilt looks and feel modern 
with solids, two colors and amazing quilting
in the negative space.
BUT curves and circles have been in quilt designs 
forever and a day.

Solids here, in a rainbow color flow,
Negative space quilting...yep there is a lot
of that when one uses solids.
The clam shell pattern and echo quilting
 (lines that repeat in same design)
speaks very traditional to me.

Here are two designs of quilt blocks that are traditional
but presented with modern aesthetics.

Left looks like traditional cathedral window blocks.
A traditional window has folded fabric in it
and this quilt does not.
These blocks look flat to me...
Using curves to make the cathedral design
very modern.

The flying geese have been in quilts a long time.
I doubt an entire traditional quilt 
would be "just" geese, but maybe.
Again, solid color fabrics speak to modern design.
Straight organic line quilting brings the modern feel home.

This pretty modern quilt is designed with solid and
 prints that read solid...the black and white
and a pop of color caught my eye.   
The spiral quilting of the negative space, very modern.

The two things make this look traditional to me.
Drunkards Path (curves) quilt blocks AND
I remember a guild quilt challenge called
Black and White and a Spot of Bright.   

The modern spin on the traditional Log Cabin Block
had me spinning.  I love the modern wonky design 
and the use and placement of color for a modern feel.
The Traditional Log Cabin Block has a very 
structured light and dark side 
of specific sizes of fabric pieces.
Finished blocks can barranged 
in a variety of layout designs.

Next is a rectangular block quilt.
Traditional in the sense that the rectangles
might have been strip pieced.
NOT SEW here.
Modern improv piecing of the rectangles.
The solid colors and straight line quilting 
lend to the modern aesthetic.

I see a stained glass quilt here.  
Stained glass has been a traditional technique
The window panes were usually made with
a black bias tape with a sticky back that
was pressed on and stitched down.
Here the gray fabric represents window panes and 
incorporated into the piecing of the improv blocks.
The quilting in each block of color...
"echo" the lines and feels traditional to me.
The wonky design makes is very modern.

 I did a double take when I looked at this eye catcher.
At first glance I saw circles with a novelty print
inside the big circles.
The appliqued (traditional technique) "rocks" 
with supporting characters are on each big rock.
What I saw were very modern and unique 
"I Spy blocks" made modern. 
The wonky spiral quilting and wavy background
 quilting made this one "sing out loud"!

I have never been on board with all that is professed 
to be MODERN.  For instance,
I get annoyed when I hear batiks are now
acceptable in modern quilts...really?
Traditional quilters have been using batiks 
for a very long time. .
I loved them, sewed them and then 
SOLD my stash of them!

 I am old enough to know
"what goes around comes around"

For me...I have always danced to my own drummer...
when traditional collides with modern...
Kwilty Pleasures do happen.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


My step daughter has several friends having babies!
She asked me if I make baby  quilts for
3 little girls due early 2019!
I agreed to help her out as long as she would pick fabrics
from my stash.  I have lots of novelty baby prints to use.

First up was a February baby and the sea creatures
would work...but could I make the blue green fabrics
look more girlie by adding some PINK!

Nailed it!

I cut apart a large piece of the novelty
to make the fish and whales into their own blocks.
Added a frame and then some 5" squares
Pink border and a scrappy binding finished it off.
FMQ with a meander.

For the back I just pulled pinks and whites from my stash
Batting was a larger piece I had left over in my stash as well.

Sweet baby girl came before I got the quilt finished
so I was able to add her name and the birthdate on the quilt.
I like to use the text function on my Bernina
and the label is placed on the front of the quilt.

Second little girl is due in April.
Mom wanted pink white and yellow and
the piggie fabric was to be the focus. 
I only had a FQ of the piggies but 
I put out ISO call on Instagram
and another quilter sent me 2 yards.
I traded some Tula Pink so WIN-WIN!

Because I had 2 yards of the pig fabric...
plenty for the backing and I added left over
pieces from the front blocks to make it modern.
Batting is 2 large scrap pieces sewn together.
A pink with white polka dot binding
finished it off.  FMQ was a meander.

Last but certainly not least is the baby girl due in May.
Mama wanted pink and gray with Elephants -
TRUNKS UP for good luck.
I did have to buy a yard 
of the elephant print at Hobby Lobby

Everything else was in my stash.
Another FMQ meander for the quilting.

Sew happy with the modern looking back.
Using up stash and a bit of the elephant print.
And scrap batting sewn together.
A gray on gray print is the binding.

When I bind a baby quilts by  machine,
I sew the binding to the back, and fold it over to the front.
THEN I use an enlongated serpentine stitch to sew it
down on the front.  This makes a very nice finish and 
I know the binding is on for the long haul.
This is a front corner of the quilt,

For me a baby quilt isn't finished until its washed and dried
and all crinkly and squishy.

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Just a quick post to show you the gifts 
I made my friends when I vacationed in Florida
this winter.  I was lucky to hang out in
Siesta Key, FL for two weeks with Kathy and Mick. 

Sunglasses case and key fob/credit card holder
for Kathy, and I think her Poolside tote is the same fabric!

And Mick loves these were for her!

Then in March, my hubby and  I 
visited former neighbors in 
Ft Myers FL, she got this summery shawl.
This pattern is called "Shine"
and took 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn.
I love the lacey look and feel...
and so did Marilyn.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


I wanted to share some of my thoughts about QuiltCon 2019
and the quilts I found interesting or maybe NOT SEW MUCH.

My fav part of the show is looking at all the "Charity Quilts"
My least fav part of the show are the "Message Quilts"
we all have a message...I just prefer to write it vs quilt it!

Lets start with an award winner by Cassandra Beaver
"Complimentary Convergence"
First place for use of negative space!
Except for a few dark squares and white background 
and a good reason why she is an Arufil Ambassador!

Cassandra is a friend and in my local Modern Quilt Guilds.
Lucky to have had her quilt one of my quilts
 before she becomes famous...cause it's coming!

Here's a good shot of the entire masterpiece!

Apologies for not having all the makers names
but just take a stroll down a modern lane
and enjoy the view.

This was one of the award winners I liked.
Very fun!

And these were some in the show...I enjoyed.
I am not a fan of ALL SOLID COLORS or fabrics that read ALL SOLID
in a quilts...but this quilt caught my eye...
probably the beautiful quilting.

Quilts of Sherri Lynn Woods were on display in a pretty large section.
Her quilts are not really my style but I took a quick look
since they were a special exhibit!

And I really enjoyed the color challenge exhibit!
It's sew fun to see how people interpret the colors in their own unique style.

As I sat thru the AWARDS program the first night
I was thinking "IF these quilts are MODERN...
Most of the award winners (with a couple exceptions)
 reminded me of a style called CONTEMPORARY ART quilts 
(google Nancy Crow - the original IMPROV queen).

I saw so many more quilts in the show that I felt were award winners.
Perhaps the style of Modern Quilting 
(or at least those judging a modern quilt show)
 is taking a sharp left turn?

No I don't enter quilts, anymore, to any show.  Been there, done that. 
I know the work that goes into getting a show quilt made,
the nerves to actually enter it and the joy of seeing them hang in a National show!
I also know the disappointment of not getting a ribbon.
The thrill of getting a ribbon.

QuiltCon is BIG...I get that!
Its about the Modern Quilting Movement...I get that!
What I don't get is..

...attendees standing in line for 45 minutes (or longer) for registration check in
...why more kiosks are NOT available at registration to help folks check in
...attendees standing in line for 30 minutes to enter a lecture room!
...why there are NOT more scanners to move people quickly to their destination
...why more doors are not open to allows smoother entry to the show floor.
...why the vendors don't have longer hours for attendees to shop.

Yep, my blog, my opinion!

I wonder if... the good Lord is willing...
will I make a sharp left turn 
to the Atlanta QC in 2021?