Wednesday, March 4, 2015


If you know me at all, you know I love gardening.
Second only to my kwilting.   
I have volunteered at Inniswood Metro Garden for 15 years. 

The Volunteer Shirts are the only thing UGLY in the garden!

During the month of March, Inniswood volunteers are displaying their works of art in Innishouse.
  I have 3 garden themed Kwilts hanging in the exhibit.  

They are from my earlier kwilting years, 
a bit more traditional than what I create now.  
I still enjoy them...and especially hanging in an art show!  

Some of my batik favorites.

"Dreamy Dragonflies"
Lovely fall batiks and some echo kwilting

This piece was a "Paint Chip Challenge"   
Blind draw for a paint chip...Mine had the greens.
Could add 2 more colors...So the pink and gold batiks.
AND we had to put a hand somewhere in the design.
Look closely at the flower!
and the beads are hand sewn!

"Hand Painted Flowers"

"Red Beauty Birds'
A fun piecing and applique design
with yet more batiks

Anywhooooo...if you live nearby (Westerville, Ohio) 
get out and see the show.   Cabin fever...cure!
  (House closed Mondays)

Next year I hope to have my own
Kwilt Show in the house....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Each time I am in Florida I try to visit...

My Kwilty Partner in Crime, Kathy Guenther
and I made a "Thelma and Louise" trip to  Dunnedin
to shop at the largest LQS in Florida!

Kathy's first visit...and I have been here many times.
Check out this previous post.
I was pleasantly surprised to see 
a good selection of modern designer fabrics.

Zen Chic  - Sphere

Cotton & Steel

more Cotton & Steel 
and Liberty of London

FQs were $3.00 each
so I grabbed some C & S that spoke to me

More C & S 
and Prisma Elements by AFG

This Geofabulous bundle Maude Asbury's  
was just irresistible!

What to make?  Don't know yet...but
it is colorful party just waiting to happen.

A great assortment of "low volume" fabrics
from many great designers

A "rainbow" of  FQs on display

Pretty modern designed kwilts on display

Yes they still have a sale room with spectacular bargains.
I managed to filter out these fun $2.00 FQs

 I returned home and began refolding my FQs and found
 odd little stickers placed inside each.
Maybe they are anti-theft stickers and shoot dye 
all over the fabric if someone tries to steal them?

The next best stop in Dunnedin is the harbor/marina
Check out this fun guy who greets you!

 Thelma and Louise had a great road trip, 
We were able to have a great time, avoided arrest and 
didn't have to pull our weapons on anyone! 
Yes, there were a few Brad Pitt types spotted along the route
but what happens on the road...stays on the road!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


It was like Christmas when I returned home from vacation.
I had received these fabulous swap packages!

Schnitzel and Boo Swap
Instagram Swap
Thank you @kathythecraftychemist

You stalked me very well...making my mini to represent 
Scarlet and Gary for my Ohio State Buckeyes
Check out the fabulous kwilting - the Block O

 And that's not all...
She also stalked out  my love of gardening 
with a sweet Flowers sign,
Card making supplies - YES! 
A valentine heart mug rug
  Lots of Stationary Supplies with the letter
 "K" for Kwilty or Kathy - just perfect!

WARNING! Foul Mouthed Maker Ahead!
If you don't like the "F" bomb...move on!

Another really fun and fiesty Instagram Swap was

My bitchy patner was @stitchculture
This quote is from a fav Chick Flick
"Pretty Woman"

And lots of added fabrics
a little notebook and CRAP sticky notes
for all the CRAP I have to do!

I love this package.
A good sense of humor...goes a long way!

And I wanted to add that I now have two GHASTLIES
zippy pouches from various swap partners.
The pink one from @sewbrewtiful as part of a Ghastlies Swap 
year and the Gray Sebastian Dumpling Pouch 
is from @kathythecraftychemist as part of my Schnitzel and Boo Swap.

I will have to mention this in future swaps...
cause it looks like a Zippy Ghastlies collection has begun.

I'm still waiting tote to arrive for the IGToteSwap
Mailing date was Jan 26th.
My swap mama (overseer of delinquent participants)
checked last week and it was being finished "late"
(no kidding?)

So the "down side" of swaps is...
 you are never guaranteed your partner will be timely 
or that you will ever get a swap item.  
While I know there are times that "Life Happens"
Most probable explanation  9 out of 10 times is
"Procrastination Happens"

What are you feelings on swaps? like em? hate em?
Good experiences?  Bad ones (I hope not) !