Sunday, October 19, 2014

Handmade Christmas - October

I have really enjoyed making Holiday gifts all year 
and sticking to my commitment  for 

 Ghastlies zippy pouches. This time using their holiday fabrics.



I have some family members who luvvvvvvv Halloween.  
So these pillowcases are theirs.

Use 5" scraps or left over charms 
Fabric coasters for last minute gifts!
 See my tutorial here

Just one more month to honor the pledge.

Linking up to Insights From Sew Cal Gal
Lots of handmade goodness over there!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Someone has been nipping at the bottle...
or should I say lots of bottles of Crown Royal. 

I am making a kwilt for my son-in-law, a bar tender.
He asked me, 4 years ago,  if I could make the kwilt 
using the purple CR bags he had been saving!

Someone was drinking and I am designing!
Dang!  How'd that happen!

 I kept procrastinating cause I wasn't sure what to do.
And finally just said...gimme a sip... 
I'm off to the sewing room!

Sorry for the color variation in the pic....
 hard to find a good light for purple!

I found some flannel in my stash with some purple in it!   Unbelievable.  
Thought about the gray dot but decided against it.

I decided to cut the Crown Royal labels into squares
and also cut some rectangles from the bags.
Framed them out with the purple plaid flannel
made a lot of simple blocks.

Added dark blue and black flannel border 

And the masculine top is done.  
  Looks better in person, or perhaps after a drink! LOL

Definetly a "Holiday Spirits" kwilt.
Maybe that will be the name on the label!

When you use flannel for the top and backing...
do you add batting?  Kwilting it soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Today I celebrate the 100th birthday and a ba-zillion memories
 of the woman who gave me life,
taught me the value of a dollar 
and loved us unconditionally!

My Mom, the most beautiful woman I ever knew,
Cora Clayton 
would have turned 100 today!  

In this photo she was about my age now...early 60s
Love the gray hair  and her "styling" glasses!

Mom's 90th birthday party with me and my siblings.

She was "queen for the day" 
as more than 100 people attended her "open house" 
90th birthday party

Her is her last birthday party, she was 92...
Oh how she loved to get presents!

Mom had Alzheimers...
and then I lost her (again) in 2006.

Time does heal, but only the sweet memories 
help to fill the hole in my heart!

Miss you Mom and have a 
Happy Birthday in heaven!

If you see you Mom today...give her a hug from me!