Friday, September 17, 2021

Christmas 2021 Plaidish WIP

I apparently love plaid and Christmas.
Therefore a Plaidish Christmas quilt landed on my sewing table.

 I can never seem to get my fill of Christmas quilts.
I have a few on my radar for this Christmas.

I loved the Plaidish quilt pattern by Erica Jackman
@kitchentable quilting.

Wouldn't it be great in Christmas colors!?!
I decided Reds for Dark Value, Greens for Mid Value
and Whites for Light Value.

If you recall...I made one Plaidish quilt about a year ago
using scraps from my stash of hundreds.

I got it all cut and it sat for a long time as a WIP.

Then I went to a quilt retreat.
A perfect project that requires a lot of chain piecing.
 I only have to take one project!
And Dixie, my Featherweight.

There are 63 easy blocks to make.

Reds were my Dark Volume.
20 Blocks

Greens my Medium Volume
31 Blocks

And whites my Low Volume.
12 Blocks

It took me two days to sew the blocks.
Now remember...this was my first retreat in almost 2 years.
Sew I talked and visited a lot!

I waited a little while after retuning home and began to assemble
the blocks onto my design wall. 

And before I knew it...
Blocks were sewn into rows

and rows into the top!

If you want to try and make this very easy scrap quilt...
you can download the free tutorial/pattern here.

Thanks Erica Jackman (@kitchentablequilting)
for such an awesome pattern.

There's also a free Plaidish 2 pattern that I might do.

This will be a quilt for my friend Kim Hensley to quilt on her
new longarm.  She needs my quilts for practice! WIN-WIN!

Are you working on any Christmas quilts yet?

Friday, September 10, 2021


I was asked to judge quilts at an OHIO County Fair in August.
It was such an honor and quite the challenge.
You see...there was no guidelines for judging and lots of
categories for quilted items to be judge.

I could ribbon up to 5 quilts per category.
BUT if I felt like nothing was Blue Ribbon quality,
I could ribbon whatever I felt was appropriate.
No pressure here! Really?

There were stacks ad stacks of quilts.
I think when I finished I had judged 35 quilted items.

There were antique pieced quilts, over 50 years old.
And a category for applique quilts, over 50 years old.
How does one even begin to judge these.
All antiques should be ribboned!

I found the machine quilting category to be confusing.
Both home machine and long arm machine quilting
was in the same category.   How is that possible or 
even a fair playing field. 

I looked for even stitching, good tension and no loose threads
or birds nests on all of them.

There was a Table Topper category
with 5 everyone got a ribbon.

There were a few modern quilts in the show.
Like this pumpkin design.

and this Pumpkin Quilt

and I loved this Christmas Quilt Category
a churn dash block always catches my eye.

There was even a WIP category?
Only one entry here!

I had to choose Best of Show from all the Blue Ribbons awarded.
The quilt I selected was not one that pleased my aesthestic.
I had to keep my personal preferences out of the mix.

This one was pieced beautifully, Binding and mitres were excellent.
And the long arm quilting was a great design choice for the quilt.

This would have been "Judges Choice"
had that been an option.

I loved its cheery feel
and that matchstick quilting was incredible!

I did provide some feedback about categories,
guidelines and such.

The lady who was logging all the winners into their log book told me...
You are one of the best judges we have had.
You knew exactly what you were looking for and doing!

That was so nice.
 I have been invited back for next year!

Friday, September 3, 2021


I am always  behind the trending fabrics and designs
SWELL …this is no different. 

I saw this quilt a couple years ago and loved it.
BUT I didn’t buy any of the Moda SWELL fabric!

It didn’t take long to gather some prints.  A few friends gave me some of their stash.
 I also found a few pieces on-line and at LQS.

Jingle Jangle was the original pattern for this quilt.

I saw lots of variations for this amazing Vintage Santa!
and became confused as to what design I liked the best.

Log Cabin

Trip Around the World

Churn Dash

A simple pieced block design

Wedding Ring

My kwilty friend, Kim Hensley and I are both making it!
 Sew stay turned to see what our choice is! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2021


I will begin by saying...
I seldom get involved with Sew Alongs Challenges

BUT when Kairlie Oaks showed up
on Instagram with the #dashalong
I couldn't resist.

Use 1 precut layer cake
Some backing
and make Churn Dash Blocks.


I had a very old Wrens and Friends layer cake by MODA

And plenty of white in my stash for the background.

The stacks were ready and the chain piecing was easy and fast.

The colors in this layer cake are sew fun and happy!

Then came the HST...this took the most time!

Ahhh, pretty!

Before I knew it the Churn Dash Blocks were done.
AND wrapping up Week 3, with a long weekend vaction,
didn't stop my progress

Easy on the eyes as I placed the 30 blocks
on my design wall

Week 4 was sewing all the blocks together.
And here it is...

This top will most likely become a charity top.

And the kicker of it all....I won a prize package that included all this!

Thanks to all the sponsors of the #dashalong


I don't think this will be my last sew along challenge.
Do you ever sew along with these challenges?

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


I like a challenge.
I like to try new things.

When my friend Kim Hensley and I decided to make a 
sewcial distance quilt top, my friend Shirley Haller
jumped on the sewing wagon and invited her quilty friends
to give it a try as well.

The block was a 4-patch slice.
I selected WONDER fabrics by Kate & Birdie
and a Spotted GRUNGE for the background.

My pattern was 4-patch slice by Inspiring Creations.

Here is my finished top...same block but my pattern used
a wider stirp and I selected a more modern layout.

The other 3 makers used the 4-patch Slice block and Lattice Pattern
from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star.
You can see that video tutorial here.

The strips in this pattern were smaller thank mine.
They all used a lattice layout.

Sometimes one as to think outside the box 
to get a quilt hanging for all to see.
Shirley used yard sticks with the flimsy tops draped over them.
Not too much weight as they were NOT quilted.

Then a twine string attached to each end of the stick
and yep, some duct tape to secure, then hung on a small nail
already on the trim.

This took some time...lemme say there is NOTHING easy
about putting on a quilt show!

And here there are...hanging along one wall...looking good!

SUCCESS...comes in many ways...
this was totally a hit within the Quilt Show!