Sunday, March 11, 2018


Working with Ghastlies fabric is tricky 
because its a large novelty print.
Like these older Ghastlie prints I selected for this top!
With shaking hands I "finally" cut them!
 No one see these awesome fabrics
if sitting on a shelf collecting dust!

The pattern I selected was Thimble Blossoms
"Red Velvet" which has big main blocks!
I also must give credit to my friend, Kim Hensley
who first used this pattern for her Ghastlies fabric.

Image result for thimble blossoms pattern red velvet

If you look closely the outside blocks in the layout
are not X blocks...just partial. 
My variation on this pattern, was my hubby's idea,
 to make all X blocks!
I love when he looks at my work and offers great input. 
He has been watching me sew for a very long time
and often sees things, I don't!
He also thought the main blocks looked like windows 
and named this quilt...

"Ghastlies Peep Show"
(he is a lot of fun, ya know)

Here are the fabrics I selected from my stash
for background and accents.

Then cut and kitted all the pieces for my winter hiatus
trip to Ocean Isle Beach, NC
Lots of  4 patch blocks

Add corner pieces BEFORE you sew them together
to make X blocks.  (a'hem)

The pattern calls for one main block to be 
"accented" with a fabric that pops.
I choose a Kona green!

The same green is used in the border!
Oh yes...this is gonna be amazing!

Lots of fussing around on the design board 
...before I sew it all together

and pressing each row as I go
makes this Ghastlie Girl happy!

Finally the "Ghastlies Peep Show" top is finished 
and ready for a beach photo op!
This beach house reminded me of Widows Peak!

The beach sand bags always make a great prop!

I try to get shots from many angles

Sand dune fences make amazing quilt racks...

The Inter Coastal Waterway is close by
and I am not afraid to tresspass for a photo opp!

I will climb lots stairs to get that perfect shot!

In May, I have a quilt retreat and I'll make a backing for it.
I have LOTS of Ghastliness fabric I can use. 
My goal is use it NOW! 
The pink and gray Ghastlies colorway is what
drew me into the Ghastlie world in 2009
and still delights me in 2018

Sew tell me...would you tresspass to take
that perfect photo?  🙋

Thursday, March 8, 2018


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Today is the bog hop for small, smaller, smallest projects

and I'm going small and scrappy! 

I have lots of scraps and two projects for you today.

IF you make it to the end of this post...

there is a giveaway!

Thanks to Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt

for hosting this hop!

Small Smaller Smallest

Of course I have some projects...

but I also have some links to fun and quick small projects.

Lets begin with some scrappy fabric coasters.

Sewed together HST from my scraps and  

sized all to 4.5" squares

and then folded them like so...

Here is a link to my tutorial that will show you

step by step on how to make coasters from charms

(5" squares) Make sure to see how I do this!

Here is the finished "small" scrappy coaster (3 1/2" square)

Anyone need a small thread catcher?

I love this one that I received as a swap extra!

Sew for this hop...

I grabbed my scraps and made a tutorial...

Start with 2, 10" squares...
Remember, I am using scraps, sew
I pieced together fabric scraps to get them.
The pink seabirds...has SF101 on the back!
Don't will work for this!

I needed a template and found a local map

to cut a 9  1/2" triangle template

Laid my two squares, one on top the other
Template on top, cut the triangles.

Right sides together, sew 1/4" seam allowance all

around, leaving an opening to turn...
Trim the points off before turning RS out

Once turned RS out and pressed
Top Stitch 1/8" around

Place two points together and mark 2 1/2" down and marked

that spot with a straight pin.
From the fold sew up to the straight pin
Repeat for the other two points

It will look like this when all 3 sides are sewn

kinda origami..right?

Now finish it by securing the tips with buttons. 

It's very small and fits nicely in your sewing kit.

You can really make these any size that you want.
Just cut your two squares larger and make the triangle
to fit inside those squares.


If you have time please check out all my tutorials here

Something for everyone 

SMALL projects to BIG information!

Other blogs participating in this hop are listed below.

Stop by and leave a small comment!

 FINALLY...the giveaway!

A fun "small" drawstring bag I made using
Jeni Baker's In Color Order 

her bag tutorial is here

Did your March comes in like a lion or a lamb?

Mine came in as a herd of sheep and someone will win them!

US only (sorry) Random draw on March 15th.

Leave me a comment
Tell me what is your favorite way to use scraps!

Friday, February 23, 2018


Nothing more frustrating than a ball winder 
that won’t wind the yarn into a cake!
I did a quick Google search and found a fix.  

Inside the main case (of this Knit Pick winder)
 there is a gear that was off track.
Take the screws it and 
set the gear back on track..screws back in 
and wind baby wind!

 Got these 3 skeins wound and ready to knit!

Here is a link to the free pattern on Ralvery
 The Wave, by Kristen Finley

photo from Ralvelry...

Next up will be this lovely fingering weight that magically
 takes me thru the Scotland. 
 "Glen Coe" colorway and 
my Outlander Heart is Happy!

I purchased this pattern 
Refection Line by Tetiana Otruta

photo from Ralvery

And last but not least...I need something 
that looks spring or summery.
No pattern selected yet!

Hope your are having a warm winter and knitting away!