Friday, June 14, 2024


Feeling sheepish!
Just one block of Corey Yoder’s pattern 
‘Wooly Stars’
Just a small wall hanging for my sewing room. 

Monday, June 10, 2024


Several years ago I was in a Ghastlies Wonky Star Swap
with a few Friends on Instagram.
All of us used white low volume backgrounds,
And added our own Ghastlies prints and stash for then stars.

These are my blocks!

They sat for years as I was unsure what I wanted to do with them. 
I never rush into anything!

Someone gave me this pattern and a lightbulb went off! 
I could do something similar, but different. 

I made sure all the blocks were the same size and proceeded from there 
 And I found the greenish fabric in my stash for background. 

Blocks went into design wall.

I added black GRUNGE corner stones, and smashing squares 
Using the green for sashings.

THIS was the result!

My Ghastlies Wonky Star Quilt Top
is off to the longarmer!
Backing is the same greenish fabric.

This will be the 9th Ghastlie quilt 
I have made for my collection. 

Saturday, June 1, 2024


Another pattern test, Another Charity Quilt!
I love pattern testing AND paying it forward! 

This was my recent pattern test!

My favorite quit charity is Stitching Sisters
Columbus OH

A huge effort that to date has made and disturbuted
39,000 quilts, yep three zeros! 

At their sewing center I shop their stash
to make the lap size quilts.
I thought this pattern would be a great
Red, white (cream) and blue color combo!

The Editorial Quilt pattern is Jelly Roll friendly,
But I cut strips from FQs.

Strip sets were quick to make.

Blocks appeared just as fast!

Top began to grow!

And before I knew it…
This top was completed.

The fabric choice were a perfect choice.
And gender neutral!

I hope each of you have a chance to make charity quilts.
It’s sew rewarding!
I will make this one again! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


YES I am usually behind on my posts.
I do my best to journal my creative fun in a timely manner.
Sometime life happens and posts don’t. 

Today I think you might enjoy a little QuiltCon shopping!
My flowers were purchased YEARS ago at a craft show,
Huge hit at this show. 

OMGeee the first view of the quilts and the vendors took my breath away!

Let’s roll!
I should’ve bought this one…

I did buy some patterns here. 

I found size Charley Harper Flamingo prints! 

I bought the wine color shirt
Quilty, Sexy, Cool! 

AnnaMaria Horner booth was a beautiful, as my friend Kim!

Cotton and Steel had a lovely booth and Make and Take fun! 

 Carolyn Friedlander is a fav fabric designer 

Crimson and Tate shop NEVER disappoints. 

I am a sucker for a dragonfly…especially a Modern one! 

I liked this pattern by GE Designs.
Not every pattern has to be rocket science. 

And I didn’t war one or buy one
…but quilted coats were trending everywhere 

I shopped til I almost dropped.
Honestly I spent more on food and drink than I did on quilty stuff!
Looking was fun and inspiration overload occurred 

Monday, May 6, 2024


I finally finished this Patchwork duffle bag!
I love it. 😍 

I did NOT want a patchwork bag and this large
Charley Harper Roadrunner Fabric was perfect!
I had enough  black cork for the bottom section of the bag.
I like to think outside the box..or the bag in this case. 

My Mom loved to run the roads and
‘Roadrunner’ was her nickname.
This is year Mom has been running the roads in heaven, 18 years!
I know she would love this bag and very happy that I continue 
her ‘road running’ tradition.
What she wouldn’t like is that when I run the roads 
perhaps, not home by dark’ 

Sew, here is the exterior bag…and I used soft and stable for the interfacing. 

Each side of the bag will look like this.
Charley Harper at tops of exterior sides and the 
Black Cork makes a nice bottom for the duffle!

These are bag the end pieces with cork making the pockets.
I had to piece the cork from scraps..but looks ok to me. 

Layer the exterior, soft and stable and LINING before quilting. 
I was thinking separate lining (as with most bags I make)
and didn’t do that.
Later, I fixed the mistake on all the pieces. 

I had pieces and parts ready but stalled. 
This bag was my nemesis.  
I did find the fun ‘ready made strap’ at QuiltCon.
I wasn’t thinking of this bag when I bought it
But apparently my sub-liminal mind was! 

BEFORE  I could put on the outside handles, 
I fixed my quilting mistake.
Put the lining behind the finished quilted pieces and 
quilted again, over the quilted lines. 
 Then I made tubing for the polystrpping.
That was a pain but straps look good on the bag.

Sewing the sides to the bag was extremely tedious!
And adding a bias binding to cover these seams

Finally finished!