Thursday, August 18, 2016


I have been to many quilt shops and 
The Fabric Shack is by favorite.
  I usually catch up with my kwilty crime friend, 
Kathy Guenther for fabric, lunch and laughs!

Someone needs to remove that no-parking sign...
there is no where to park there anyway!
Luv the new paint job and logo face lift on the building!

The fabric inside is always incredible...
 Cotton and Steel "BOO" was ordered on-line for store pickup
I'm in a Halloween Swap on IG and 
this line is my partner's I try to please!

Here's the goodies I found this time
Minus the 5 Lizzy House fabrics on the right. 
Those came in the mail from an Instagram destash!

I hope to make the Fancy Forest this small size...

I was glad to see this hanging, it is 1/4 of the entire pattern
and just the right size for what I'm thinking.   

 I pulled some other C&S Spellbound to 
audition for the swap project...

And made this project bag for my swap partner.   

This reversible boxy tote pattern is free... get it here
 by Very Shannon and a project I luv to make!

Til next time...

Friday, August 12, 2016


Yes I am an IG (Instagram) Swap Junkie!
I could not resist the #Supertoteswap hosted by 
Amista Baker  @amistabaker

My partner was Van Tabbert aka @flatbrokeminimialism
I stalked her profile to find she really loves these colors...

then headed to my stash...
I found very similar colors and prints but most
of these are Kate Spain fabrics.

I also noticed she like ta...da!
The front pocket is patchwork
the backing and lining are other coordinating fabrics

The Supertote pattern offers a recessed zipper on the top of the bag
and I added my label to the inside fabric pocket

Here's the finished Supertote!

and the back

Some extras items I made for Van's swap package included
a zippy pouch and note cards!
I threw in a pattern for good measure-ments!

I really enjoy swaps and try to make something 
the recipient will luv... and per her comments below

Friday, August 5, 2016


I really enjoy testing patterns. 
Especially something I have not sewn!
Like this fun fabric wallet by Rena Blain 
@thesoutherbobbin (instagram handle)

I was hanging out on IG (imagine that)
 and saw her post asking for testers 
I had never made a wallet but this one spoke to me!
I took a stash dive to find fabrics, zippers and stabilizers.
Then cutting and sticky notes to mark the pieces 
and keep me organized...
The pattern as pre-printed labels you can cut out! 

Made a first zipper this

Very few wallet patterns offer this valuable tiny zippy pouch!
No more loosing my change in my bag!

This Lotta Jansdotter fabric....
I only used 2 FQs and had enough for all pieces.
I just played with the fabric and cutting sizes as I went.
Worked out great!

Here you can see the credit card slots - also a first for me!

The magnetic snap was an easy install.  
Any snaps can work...I had the magnetic on hand.


As a tester, it took me about 5 hours to make it.
From start (pulling fabric) to finish (snapping it shut)
I made some mistakes, did some stupid stuff, as I usually do
which required the seam ripper
and I wrote lots of notes for feedback.

The second wallet, also from my stash, took about 3 hours
Southern Bobbin can make them in 2 hours.

After vacation I will make one with my Ghastlies fabric 
and use the now published pattern.   

This pattern is well designed, instruction are easy to follow, 
 great diagrams, great cutting instructions and 
perfect for a first time maker!

If you like the Bobbin Wallet pattern head over to Craftsy 
and get it now!
It is available on craftsy as a PDF download

You can pre-order a paper pattern just email w/your /PayPal email 
She will invoice you and waive the $1 shipping
cause you are one of my peeps! 
Mention @kwiltypleasures in your order. 

This was a great experience for me and 
apparently I offered some very helpful feedback.
Thanks Reyna for the opportunity!