Saturday, December 20, 2014


My hubby is a Cleveland BROWNS fan 
(since the Paul Brown era) 

 Grandaughter Ashleigh, has a thing for 
the Pittsburg STEELERS. 

I don't like either one..

BUT I am surprising Ashleigh this Christmas 
with a little Black and Gold pillow case 
so she can dream about a win and 
wear a fun ruffle scarf on game day! 

Remember this...I was making a top using Crown Royal Bags 

All done for my Step Son, Dave
Love the way flannel crinkles after washing.

More finishes for 2014!  Yay!
I still have more to show ya!
after Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014


My recipe for "Sweet Celebrations" is a great one!
If you like orange slice candy...
then hang on to your baking sheet!

My BFF Shirley gave me this recipe a couple years ago
and it is one of my hubby's favorite cookies...any time of year. 

Look closely and you will see the little pieces of
chopped up orange slice candy in the cookies.

I remember orange slice candy back when I was growing up...
so I think it is safe to call it "vintage" 

My 2005 Cookie Party has a "Vintage" theme 
beginning with a vintage lace tablecloth on the cookie table

A vintage tree in the kitchen is FULL of vintage ornaments
and vintage toys under it. 
The curtain over the door is a vintage table cloth

I wore my Mom's apron over her house dress from the 1960s 

I asked all my friends to wear vintage aprons 

These "vintage"glamour girls wore their mink stoles!  

 "Leave it to Beaver" has got nothing on us!

I  asked the girls to wear those aprons and give them to me as my hostess gift.  
They each signed a small muslin square with their name
and the year we met...then
I made a signature kwilt with friendship stars 
using the aprons and signature squares.

"Apron Strings and Cookies" 

I will cherish this kwilt as long as there is sugar in my kitchen!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


The Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is over.  : (
My question to enter my giveaway was
"Where do you live"

 243 wonderful comments
21 countries represented (Canada led)
42 states  (California led)
Several folks didn't leave a location : (

There were 25 no-reply comments
So if you left comments...well you can't win without 
an email we can respond to.
  Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy has a wonderful
picture tutorial on how to fix the issue..
It really is an EASY FIX!

About 1/2 of the No-Replys left an email in the comment.
Thank you!
I did try to reply...if I missed you then
 my iPad has a typo mind of its own!

My giveaway was these charm packs.

Random generator winner is #199
Megan Parson, from Minnesota!

Megan I have your mailing info and will ship next week!

And to my new followers via Bloglovin!

Kristy Smith
Linda Brown
Sarah Clemons
Paua Lemos
Heather Burgess
Niechelle Wade
Mr.s Pickles
Anita LaHay
Karen Thurn
Samanths Ewers

If anyone else became a new follower by other feeds or email...
 I appreciate your interest in my blog, as well!