Friday, October 31, 2014


I did it...hosted my first on-line swap!
It was definitely a challenge, but a good challenge!

This post is wordy...well sometimes words 
(as in lessons learned)
are worth a thousand pictures!

Need easy repository for participant info. Sew much information is needed...some for me...some for participants.  I used a spreadsheet that ended up looking like I was monitoring a space flight!   

Make sure to double check the information your are sending is indeed the correct info.  I sent two participants the same partner and one participant had no one.   I did NOT catch it til I was posting photos on my blog...someone was missing a partner...YIKES!
I own my mistakes and found a remedy to ease my guilt

One of these went to Tammy who bailed me out and made Michelles swap package at the last minute.   And one to Michelle for having to wait so long for her package.

Swap mama needs an easier way to track participants NAMES. Participants have a "real name" an  "email name" and many have an "IG name" Most of the time ALL had different names!  Nightmare!

Ask participants to always include their real name and their swap partners real name when communicating to swap mama.  I got dizzy looking up names.

Ask participants to KEEP the original swap partner email. Print it off, hang it in your sewing area!   Subject line should read KEEP THIS EMAIL - Swap Partner Info

Have a simple swap rule to email the swap mama when the participant sends and receives their packages.

#6  EMAIL -  
This one is My Bad...I have two email boxes - a personal inbox and a Kwilty Pleasures inbox.   I needed to make sure all emails around the swap were "sent" from the Kwilty Pleasures email in box! I goofed a couple times. Had to move a lot of stuff from my personal inbox to the Kwilty Pleasures inbox to keep emails organized and easy to find.   

Find a repository for project photos (not everyone uses IG).  I had asked everyone send me a photo of their swap package before they mailed it, thinking this would be an easy way to gather them for my blog posts.  Ughhh....with all the instant social media...well..thanks to those who did this.   

I captured a lot of the photos I used in my  posts from IG. Some were posted in IG from those who "made" the project...others from those who "received" the project.   I had to screen print the IG photo, crop it, mail it to my inbox, save it to my laptop with the name of the person who "made" it.  THEN put it in my post.  That's a lot of work my friends!   I did ask permission to use all photos on my blog via email.  

Make sure the deadline to mail the swap package is no where near ANY holiday that the post office might be closed.    And not a Saturday...folks are busy on weekends.   Make the International deadline for mailing two weeks earlier than other.    

If you have touch point emails and need an answer...Subject line should read -  NEED RESPONSE - Ask your question(s) but keep the response to simple yes or no answer(s).   

Remember...not everyone is as organized, or timely as the next person.   Some people will procrastinate, over commit, misplace info and find themselves in a bind trying to stay on track.  People will have personal issues that are out of their control.  

As the  swap mama, I was glad did curse a few times, but in the all worked out... just GHASTLIE!

Have a Happy and GHASTLIE Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hang on to your GHASTLIE socks...
Day 4 of the Ghastlies Swap Reveal begins right now. 
Tammy @karamatsews 
Tammy blogs at Karamat Sews
sent this to Melinda @meilinda24  

Such a cute journal...I gotta make one

 Melinda @meilinda24 sent this to 
Tonia @toniaconner

Tonia @toniaconner
Tonia's Blog is All Thingz Sewn 
sent this to Wendy @theprintedstitch  

Wendy @theprintedstitch
Wendy's blog is The Printed Stitch
sent this to Christina @sewbrewtiful  

Christina @sewbrewtiful
Christina's blog is Sew Brewtiful
sent this to Renata Prazeres @reprazeres 

Renata sent this to Tiffany @sewlongsanity  
Tiffany's blog is Sew Long Sanity

Tiffany @sewlongsanity  
sent this to (me) Kathy @kwiltypleasures
Tiffany was sew good not to post pics on IG 
sew I would be surprised...and I was!

And she signed her masterpiece on the back!

What grabbed you attention today?

10 Ghastlie Lessons Learned
and a couple more photos!

Day 1 here
Day 2 here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


 Day 3 of the Ghastlie Swap Reveal
and the creativity just keeps coming!  

Cheryl (no IG or blog) 
sent this to Amy @houseofbadcats  

Amy @houseofbadcats 
Amy's blog is House of Bad Cats
sent this to Abby @Argyle24

Abby @argyle24
sent this to Jennifer @craftyjenny 

Jennifer @craftyjenny
Jennifer's blog is Crafty Jennifer
sent this to Tina Albright 

 Tina who blogs at Sew Sassy Quilts  
sent this to Tracey Brown @traceyquilts

Tracey Brown @traceyquilts 
sent this to Cheryl  (no IG or Blog)

Rhiannon @raebirdhri
sent this to Brandy @M3_quilts

Brandy @M3_quilts sent this to 
Jeanenne (no IG or blog)

Jeanenne sent  this to Rhiannon @raebirdrhi


And what is your fav project for today?

Tomorrow is Day 4 of  GHASTLIE projects