Sunday, November 17, 2013


Where did the summer go?
It's November and the holidays are 
coming at us...full speed!

This past summer I took a bunch of photos of my 
antique kwilt collection, in various locations.
(using a Cannon point and shoot camera)

Many of these kwilts are family heirlooms
Some I found in antique store for a steal!

All are beautiful...All have a story
I wish I knew all the words; all the history.
Ready? Lots of photos coming your way.

I went to a garden party...
actually I hosted this one for some gardening friends.    
 Here is my deck and back yard.

Garden Party Setting
 Love the kwilts and flowers together!
All Decked Out
Sun Bonnet Sue just waiting on the finches!
Hess Family Kwilt
My pergola (with swing) 
is a favorite setting for my kwilt photography.  
Gordon Family Lonestar
Here is my post about this "Gordon" family heirloom.
I do have the history on this beauty!
Gordon Family Lonestar  
The sun was setting - peeking thru the woods!

Hess Family Kwilt

Murphy Family - Sun Bonnet Sue

Hess Family - Maple Leaf

Stars - Antique Store Find  
Dresden Plate - Antique Store Find  

By now my hubby's arms are aching! 
Who needs to lift weights
when there are beautiful kwilts to photograph?

Kwilts on my neighbors deck (he wasn't home LOL)
trying to beat the sunrise...too late!
Hess Family - Sun Bonnet Sue
Antique Store Find - Beautiful Hand Kwilting
Murphy Family - Sun Bonnet Sue
Antique Trio 
And my favorite place for summer photos was
at a shelter house at Blacklick Woods Metro Park
in Reynoldsburg, OH

I was so excited to find the swinging window shutters
for this photo opportunity.  It was quite a job
to get these hanging by myself. 

Hess Family Kwilt
Dresden Plate
Stars - Hess Family Kwilt 
Antique Trio
Light playing thru the trees...ready for a picnic.


Back at my deck again, some close ups of kwilts & flowers. 

 I have a lot to learn about photography
but I'm having a really fun time in this journey!!  

I'm hoping Santa hit the lottery and will
bring me a new camera with lots of bells and whistles!


  1. such an amazing collection of quilts you have, I still have to make my first! The way you have photod them shows them off so very well.

  2. Your quilts and pictures of quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such beautiful photos of beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love all the quilts on your collection. So pretty and so full of stories.... unknown mysteries. full of love and creativity and warmth....And your garden is magnifiecent as have a green thumb

  5. Such a beautiful post! Love the garden party idea so much. My Mom used to host a tea party each summer for the ladies on her lake complete with gloves and hats and a croquet tournament to round out the afternoon.

  6. Lovely quilts in lovely settings. Thanks for the little glimpse of what summer was.


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