Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My BEST Kwilty Pleasure

I got married...the I got it right this time marriage!

To a man who makes me laugh every day,
my best friend, Phil Gordon

He is a patient we dated for 5 years. 
  Then my heart beat up my head and kicked the 
 crap out of my fear of marriage. 
The rest is history.

I could write a book on how lucky I am to
have him in my life.  
But today, I'll just share the fun side of him 
regarding my fabric obsession!

He is....
*a fabric enabler* 
*stops at kwilt shops while we travel*
*holds my kwilts for photos..til his arms ache*
*buys me LQS gift certificates*
*diets while I am on quilt retreats*
*cooks for me...delivers meals to my sewing room*
*encourages my blogging*
*paid off a kwilt shop-hop bus trip as a Christmas surprise*

and each time I make a quilt 
*he wants a photo with it*
This is just a small portion of the wonderful
photos of my sweetie and my fabric obsession that I cherish!

Of course I have made him a kwilt.
He is a grad of "The Ohio State University"
sew it had to be scarlet and gray.  

Yes, he spoils me rotten.
 but then again...I get to spoil him too! 
This is my love story!

Phil is my best Kwilty Pleasure!


  1. Happy anniversary. He sounds like a "keeper" too.

  2. Oh Kathy congratulations on your Anniversary. He sounds like a fabulous husband. He also sounds similar to my John. He is definitely a keeper. I am glad you found someone to bring you so much happiness and to be an enabler of the thing you love.

  3. This is just the sweetest post! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I love that you take a pic of him with each quilt...great idea and such a treasure. :O)

  4. Bless you both, sounds like a dream come true for both of you. Happy anniversary, I hope you have a lifetime of wonderful memories ahead of you. ;-> Toni Anne

  5. Happy Anniversary Kathy & Phil!
    What a lovely post complete with lovely quilts =)

  6. Such a sweet post - love it! Congratulations to you both. I used to have a wall sign that listed 25 steps to happiness. I only remember #1- Marry the Right Person. I did too ;-D

  7. Happy Anniversary to both of you. Love this post.

  8. Glad your heart won the battle! Congratulations!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I'm in the I got it right this time camp too. And like you it took my wonderful hubby 5 years to convince me marriage is not a bad word. 20 years later I'm still a happy wife. My hubby happily supports my fabric addiction but does not pose for quilt pictures. I wish you many more years of Happy Aniversaries!

  10. Congratulations and a Very Happy Anniversary. Sharing love is the best. Blessings...

  11. a very happy anniversary to you love birds. You certainly have a good one in Phil.

    What a lovely display of quilts

  12. Happy Anniversary! Amazing how some people find the right person so early in life and others of us don't find our perfect match until much later. My DH is just like yours, but I stumbled around through life for many years before he found me.

  13. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like Phil is definitely a keeper!

  14. I wish you both a very happy Anniversary and many more to come!

  15. Oh this made me so happy to read. Happy Anniversary and many happy years to come.


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