Thursday, October 16, 2014


Someone has been nipping at the bottle...
or should I say lots of bottles of Crown Royal. 

I am making a kwilt for my son-in-law, a bar tender.
He asked me, 4 years ago,  if I could make the kwilt 
using the purple CR bags he had been saving!

Someone was drinking and I am designing!
Dang!  How'd that happen!

 I kept procrastinating cause I wasn't sure what to do.
And finally just said...gimme a sip... 
I'm off to the sewing room!

Sorry for the color variation in the pic....
 hard to find a good light for purple!

I found some flannel in my stash with some purple in it!   Unbelievable.  
Thought about the gray dot but decided against it.

I decided to cut the Crown Royal labels into squares
and also cut some rectangles from the bags.
Framed them out with the purple plaid flannel
made a lot of simple blocks.

Added dark blue and black flannel border 

And the masculine top is done.  
  Looks better in person, or perhaps after a drink! LOL

Definetly a "Holiday Spirits" kwilt.
Maybe that will be the name on the label!

When you use flannel for the top and backing...
do you add batting?  Kwilting it soon!


  1. looking good, have not use flannel so not sure about the batting

  2. Wow! What a great idea! I usually use an 80/20 batting for my flannel quilts and it seems to work well! I have hand stitched in the past using utility stitches, but lately have sent flannel quilts to the LAQ and very happy with the results!

  3. What a great idea, when I was bar tending I always wanted to keep those bags for something.

  4. Clever idea.

  5. Clever idea.

  6. Net quilt that Crown royal combined with the flannel ought to keep you warm on a cold night. I think I would add light batting to make it more snuggly.

  7. My neighbor makes men's bathrobes out of the Crown Royal bags. Put that fabric to good use!


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