Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Today's "Sweet Celebration" 
is the ONLY cookie my son wants to eat!

TIPS: for baking chocolate chip cookie
and minimize the cookie spreading while baking

  1. USE the CRISCO baking sticks instead of butter.  You can use any crisco product but I love the butter flavor sticks.  
  2. CHILL THE DOUGH in the fridge for 15 minutes
  3. Spoon the cookies onto parchment paper covered cookie sheets
  4. Put the remaining cookie dough BACK IN THE FRIDGE - to keep it chilled
  5. Let the pans COOL COMPLETELY before putting the next batch (from the fridge) on them.
  6. If baking on two oven racks, switch the cookie sheets half way thru the baking time

2008 Cookie Party
Cookies from Around the World Theme 

Each person selected a country, a cookie from that country
and dressed to represent that country
     Japan                                         Sweden                                       Carribean 

If you enjoy Chocolate Chips cookies
leave me the name of your COUNTRY!
let's go "around the world"

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  1. Your chocolate chip cookies look fabulous. Are they nice and chewy, not hard?


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