Monday, June 22, 2015


North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway has more than 
windy roads, beautiful vistas and views.  
Spruce Pine, NC is along the route.
I found this wonderful LQS. 
Fabrics in the Fray!
You may think this is an odd name but
the owner,  Anita Dowd, explained that a "fray" is the "edge' 
and this "fabric" shop is at the "edge or fray of the forest"
So "Fabrics in the Fray" is a perfect name!

A front porch area with a red light signal 
and picket fence that looks like pencils
 made me wonder... "what's inside"?   

I soon found out and lemme tell ya - 
I was NOT disappointed.   
Anita has a way of showcasing her amazing 
sewing collections...look closely 
as there are history lessons all around. 

Buttons in these quirky containers!

Needle Shuttle holders...she had a couple of these. 
and took time to open them so I could see the 
antique sewing machine shuttles and needles  

this needle case hung on the wall with some great
sewing machine prints.

A peek inside antique show cases filled my
senses with glorious sewing antiques.

Center stage was an antique chair.
Perhaps a barber or beauty salon chair
Great display for this two color quilt!

There were displays of thread, pincushions
and thimbles...

more threads, pincushions, ribbons and quirkiness

The shop had a fireplace with lots of eye candy.  
Don't you love this little clothesline and clothes!

Yest another thread display from an old wooden drawer
atop an antique table

and yes there was fabric everywhere!

One of the first displays I noticed was an old boat.
Anita said it was gonna be burned so she  rescued it.  
A perfect display for this years 
2015 Row by Row and H2O Experience (Shop hop)
that is happening in all 50 states and Canada
For details on that click here.


Although I am not a huge novelty fabric fan
These had to come home with me 

Before I left, I knew I had yet another kwilty friend.
Thank you Anita for such an entertaning adventure at
Fabrics in the Fray!
I will never forget how kwitly it made me feel!


  1. What a fun shop! It clearly has a unique personality among quilt shops, which I love.

  2. Looks like a wonderful shop to visit, Kathy.


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