Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I started my blog in October 2011
I have written over 400 posts.
I love it...I love to write about my favorite things. 
To share my journey with you!

I enjoy reading your comments!
I always respond - IF I CAN!

You replies show up on the blog BUT
it also comes to my email mailbox.
That is where I can reply and you can get the message.

  I hit "reply" to your comment
and if you email addresss looks like this...


Image result for dead end pics


Image result for no reply blogger pics

My friend Erin, over at Sew At Home Mummy
wrote an excellent tutorial, including step by step screenshots 
FIX the NO REPLY BLOGGER settings!
(applies to blogger and google profiles only)


Erin has given me permission previously to use her tutorial...  
While you are there...look around her blog is incredible!

I ask everyone to check this email setting cause
 sometimes techy twerks can happen 
and it may have changed.  

Leave me a comment here and let me know you fixed it!
If fixed..I can respond to you!
IF you don't hear from me...its not fixed!

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