Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Charley Harper Mini Swap

is what a Charley Harper Mini Quilt looks like.
and it was made for ME by @librcat
in a swap on Instagram

The backing is just as cute as the front and look at the corners.   
I have to look up the tutorial on how this is done!

My "extra" fun gift was this tiny pincushion.  
There is a slip opening for scissors just above the 
piecing area!  LOVE IT!
and the back is just as cute...again!
And now heres my mini that went to @tami3020

I kept the quilting simple with some stitch in the ditch and 
echo quilting over the piecing.
After all CH birds are the stars of this mini!

It finished at 14" square

A peek at the back...

A project sleeve to hold tools
for paper piecing

And what's a tool kit without the tools?
A small cutting mat, rotary cutter and add 1/4" ruler.

What is your favorite Charley Harper print?


  1. Both CH minis are awesome! Love the added extra gifts too. Great pincushion and that little pp kit you made is so cute! Love it all.

  2. OH man I LOVE Charley Harper. That bear is one of my favorites--I have a tiny postcard from it--is the front of the quilt print fabric or pieced?


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