Thursday, December 6, 2018


My partner in quilting crime, Kathy Guenther and I
 attended our first Glamp Stitchalot 
Only football or quilting would get this BUCKEYE to go to
Ann Arbor, MI. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, we received a great SWAG BAG 
full of goodies from the event sponsors.

It didn't take long to get set up and ready to sew...
wait....we didn't take anything extra to sew...
60 people attended.  We were in 4 quadrants and stayed put
while the instructors rotated around the room!

After the Thursday night dinner...we headed to our room to
to drink some wine.  This is my special glass Kathy gave me
 for Christmas last year!

Friday had a day full of classes...3 in all. 
AND of course there was shopping
all during the event from Pink Castle Fabrics!
They are the brains behind Glamp! and did a fabulous job!

First class Friday was an applique class.  
I have not done applique in probably 12 years.
BUT is was fun!
Barbara, from Pink Castle Fabrics stepped in
for Felice Regina, who had to cancel at last minute.


I decided to make the Llama project but instead of an oval 
wall hanging or mug rug...I just made a rectangle 
and this will eventually become a Knitting Project bag.
Isn't it cute!

Next up was Jeni Baker who I have admired for quite some time.
Her blog In Color Order is amazing...just like Jeni!
Be sure to check it out!

Our class was about transforming a quilt design 
with color and fabric using HST and Flying Geese
 I need to finish the Geese.
No idea what this block will become.
This was one of my favorite classes.

The 3rd class on Friday was with Lizzy House.  
We made a wallet/pouch to carry essential oils.
I almost finished it, but she suggested rounded corners 
and did not suggest bias binding..DAH?
Needless to say I am taking the binding off,
cutting the ends of the wallet straight across and
will make a sewing kit...or something usable. 
These are the fabrics I selected for the project.

 Saturday was a blast...first class was with my
all time favorite Scrappy Girl...
Amanda Jean Nyberg aka Crazy Mom Quilts.
Here Amanda is show us how to use phone book pages to
do foundation piecing...great idea!

I took plenty of scraps..
for the Improv Scrappy String Block class

and finished 12 blocks

I took my books so Amanda and Jeni 
could sign them for me.

The last class on Saturday was the one I was
sew looking forward to.
The Ugly Sweater Blocks with Kerry Goulder.


I had my fabric selected and began the process...
then I fell in a black hole.
The technique Kerry teaches in NOT like
I leaned 15 years ago. It took me forever to figure this out back than an here in this class, I became frustrated and 
could NOT get my head around it.

I pulled up a You Tube video by Angela Walter 
whose technique was the same as I remembered.  
But by then I was aggravated,
tired and just didn't want to be bothered.  
I decided this block would be best done at home,
by myself, where I could really concentrate.

And once home...I made this as a test block.

Next one is a special llama sweater.
I'll be sending this to someone who is knitting me 
a pair of socks...but....

wait for it...

I made it into a knitting project bag!

One of the best things that happened at retreat
was meeting an Instagram  friend, 
Pam Lincoln @mamasparks.
She lives nearby and came by the hotel to meet me!
Football field oponents..
but we had such fun talking and 
definitely connected "in real life" as stitching sisters. 

I prefer retreats where you bring your own projects. 
Sit, sew, chat, shop. drink, eat..not sew structured.

BUT this was a great event. New kwilty friends and
I really enjoyed meeting, talking to and getting to know the instructors on a more personal level. It was great that they
sat at different tables during our meals sew we
everyone could chat with them.

When, where and what kind of retreat is your favorite?
I'm looking for a new adventure in 2019.


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures! That sounds like a marvelous time. I would love to spend class time with Amanda Jean. I've made so many of her scrappy quilts and been so happy with them. Actually, I'm still working on a vortex! I sort of agree with a retreat where I work on my own project, or one that has one class and my own projects. However, sometimes in conjunction with a quilt show, it's nice to take classes. Just to get away with a friend is a great treat!

  2. It really sounds like a blast. I haven't gone to a retreat yet but I'd really like to. Maybe I'll get the chance in 2019.


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