Wednesday, July 10, 2019


It was a spring for baby quilts.
My good friend asked me to make a baby quilt.
Her second niece is having a baby
and she wanted this pattern.

OK, its a traditional, but Debbie
always knows exactly what she wants.

Her niece has an interesting color scheme for
the new baby girl...cream, peach and sage.
Sounded more like wedding colors and I knew
finding baby print fabrics would be a challenge.

BUT we did it and this very modern take of
Winnie The Pooh fabric was just the ticket.
We found a few sage and peachy colors as well.

I made a couple test blocks because the block was
"on point" and the pooh figures had to be upright.
Well, by the time I got the blocks made...
I had 16 hours in the top alone.
The tiny pooh squares were 2 1/2'

I got the top all put together at quilt retreat in May.
Now there is 26 hours in this baby quilt.

I used the darker Pooh fabric for the backing and the border.
I had larger pieces of the Pooh prints
Sew I put them into the backing
Finally you can see what the prints looks like.

Very happy with the end result.

I used a FMQ meander again.
You just can't beat that design for a baby quilt.

Kathy Guenther, my quilty peep in crime
suggested I outline the horizontal strip of Poohs
with a frame it out.
I love this backing!

Aunt Debbie always comes up with
the best labels for the quilts
like this...

Here is the quilt on display at the baby shower.
I had never heard of this...
but all gifts were NOT to be wrapped
just put on display for all to see.
What a great idea!

And here is the beautiful family.
Two nieces on the left
Little girl in the middle has 
one of my hand made quilts.
Debbie on the right.
A very proud Auntie, indeed!

And to end this fun story...
not only did Debbie buy all the fabric,
She told me to keep what is left.
and give me a sizable tip!
I love it when someone understands how
much work goes into a quilt.
This 58" square quilt took over 30 hours to make.


  1. You two gals worked perfectly together to create this fun modern quilt. I agree those weren't baby colors we typically think about, but it sure turned out cute!

  2. Lovely, everyone is happy with your gorgeous quilt!

  3. I'm a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh and decorated my now 45 year old daughter's room with it when she was a baby. The colors have certainly changed from what I used! This is a beautiful quilt and you did an amazing job on it.


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