Got Scraps?
I call this scrappy impromput technique
   "Kwilty Chaos"  

It's time for you to let go of that 
"block design control" thingy
 For this tutorial I have sorted by color.

 Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
for a Rainbow Scrappy Quilt.
For a more scrappy feel...don't sort by color
just start sewing!

Let's get started!

Find a long strip (it doesn't have to be 
perfectly straight - this piece is a wedge shape...
Place it right side up

Place smaller scraps right side down,
 on top of the long strip, one after another 
Try NOT to control selections...
just pull fabrics, place and sew!

Now cut them apart

 Press them open

Trim up your edges as needed

Find another long strip, right side up
Sew on new scraps, cut, press, trim

Once you have lots of Kwilty chaos pieces!  
 Sew the smaller units into blocks

Just keep sewing the pieces together to build larger blocks.

 Build a bunch blocks to a size you want. 
You can then sash them, turn them on point, make strips
Whatever you want. 

Sew the blocks into a long strip

Here I have made several rows of "purple" Kwilty Chaos

I sewed them together, added a border 
A  Kwilty Chaos "charity" quilt  

"Kwilty Chaos" is just a state of mind. 
I don't mind playing with bout you!

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  1. Lots of great ideas. Bet your guild enjoyed it.


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