Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Raining at the beach today with a chill in the air...
it was just ghastly.

Sew I made this top...
also just Ghastly!

Sidelights, by Kari Nichols 
of Mountainpeek Creations,
is my "go to" pattern for fabric like the Ghastlies. 
Let the scene be the star!


"A Ghastlie Night" fabric came out a couple years ago.
At least this family and Sebastian, the cat,  has dinner together.

I framed all the "side lights" with the same gray print
that just screams "Ghastlies" (you can use many prints if 
you want a more scrappy look)

A pink was perfect for the inside borders
to bring out the Ghastlies rosy cheeks and flowers.

Found a fun fabric in my stash for the border!

Today the Ghastilies brought me all the sunshine I needed.


  1. Great ghastlies quilt. It is still nasty here too. Still raining... I need some sunshine. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much nicer day

  2. Ahhh love your quilt! I have "collected" all the Ghastlie fabrics including this year's Ghastlie Christmas. I have yet to cut into the fabric and hope to find my inspiration soon. Thanks for sharing, Awesome job!


  3. what a wonderful dinner party, would love to be a fly on the wall, great quilt, the fabric is amazing

  4. I love anything made with Ghastlie fabric! This quilt is great and that pattern is just perfect to highlight the great scenes...love it!

  5. I love the ghastlies! Such a fun quilt :-)

  6. The Ghastlies fabric is just so cool. What a great way to highlight it.

  7. Oh I love the Ghastlies, great job of using the yardage and blocks for border.

  8. I love the Ghastllie's! Way to take a busy print and make it work! You are right, the pink does work well with the design. Great job!

  9. Perfect pattern for the Ghastlies!!! I pulled mine out this week also, 'tis the season;-)

  10. Well you just know that I would love this one. It makes me want to pull out my Ghastlies and get stitchin. Hopefully sometime this weekend I;ll get to do just that.


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