Friday, October 4, 2013


These cutie-patooties were 60% off.
A little girl will LOVE this savvy shoppers!
Just check out the purses and shoes!
The following fabrics were
5.99 / yard and 3.00 FQs with an 
additional 10% for showing my guild card.
Always fun to find cute fabrics for baby boys!
Love the foxes in this print
And all this Lucy's Crab Shack was 60% off.  
I have some charms at home to with these.

The sun has risen and the beach is calling my name.
Shopping will have to wait.


  1. Hey Kathy! Glad you are having a good trip! You have me so curious.....what line is that first fabric? I think Elise would love those little characters.

  2. Love that crazy cat fabric too cute. Sounds like you are haveing a blast shopping for fabric on your trip.

  3. the kitties are so so cute, I am envious of you

  4. What cute fabrics. And such great prices! Way to shop, lady.

  5. That fox fabric is soooo awesome. Love it! And the first fabric? Hilarious! :)

  6. Great finds! Are the cats Richard Scarry? I loved those illustrations when I was younger. Thanks for linking up!


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