Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jelly Roll Race Day

I am so happy to be part of two kwilting groups
here in Columbus, OH... 
The Nationwide Plaza Quilters, and
The James Stitching Sisters

You will see several designs in the pics
but all were made from 2 1/2" x WOF pieces. 

The Plaza Quilters recently made all these Jelly Roll
quilts (all cut from stash) 
They were donated to JSS to be kwilted 
and given to cancer patients going thru treatments.

and another one...but not from the race

Thanks Plaza Quilters...
paying it forward never looked so good! 

Sew tell me, what charity do you make kwilts for?


  1. what a lovely selection and going to such a good cause, I am proud to say my younger daughter is a nurse in the local hospice.

  2. I am new to quilting. The quilt I'm working on now is a Jelly Roll Race for my daughter. Once I've made quilts for all my kids and friends I'd like to donate quilts to wounded veterans.

  3. Nice! I'm not part in any charity quilts but I donate pouches or give them for auctions.

  4. That is a wonderful charity, and wonderful quilts, thanks for sharing on le challenge.

  5. What a great way of making quilts for charity! Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  6. Those look beautiful. Love the purple one

  7. All beautiful and a wonderful charity. I made a few for Siblings Together, but next year I will be working with a charity group that is here in Greece, they give quilt tops to women without jobs and the women quilt them (and get paid) and then give them to a orphanage run here by the Greek version of the YMCA. So the charity group basically helps out 2 different groups of people.


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