Sunday, June 8, 2014


A rumor is flying around that the Ghastlies new line
"a Ghastlies end" might just be the end of my favorite Halloween family?
 My heart is breaking if this is true!  
Alexander Henry ...say it isn't SEW!  

If you know me at know I am Ghastlies driven! 
 Sew I had to add these to my stash!

"a ghastlies end"  in neutral



headstone shades for Sebastien...

"Flower garden"  in neutral...


And oh yeah...this is fabric I already have in my stash
left over from kwilts I have already made.    

Stacks and scraps and selvages...
I am a happy Ghastlie girl! 

THE BEST STASH piece has me screaming
"Great Ghastlie Goodness"
Thanks to IG and a good friend (thanks Jaclyn)
who gave me a "heads up that is was in a destash"
I was able to get a 1 yard piece of

This color wave is no longer made and you can 
bet your scary Halloween pumpkins 
 this fabric will be made into my very own

 I have worked some Halloween magic on 
 "MANY" Ghastlies kwilts, but all have been sold.

Check them out...

1. Ghastlies Family Gray w/pink   2. Ghastlies Family in Gray w/Black
3.  Ghastlies Dinner in Gray w/pink  4. Ghastlies Family Reunion in Pink w/gray

5. Ghastlies Orange-Black-Pink Wonky   6. Ghastlies Christmas - Red and Black
7.  Ghastlies Family Portrait in Green, Gray -Pink   8.  Ghastlies Family Portrait Tote

I am happliy Sunday Stashing
hosted this week by Nick at

If you ever have Ghastlies Fabric 
you no longer want...don't forget Kwilty Pleasures is 
is creeping around the cemetery screaming! 
ME! ME! ME! 

Sew what is your favorite Halloween fabric? 



  1. Oh, I hope that's not true, I love the Ghastlies. Now I need to see if I can find any of Christmas Ghastilies that I never bought.

  2. Oh I hope this isn't true! I love Ghastlie fabric and can't imagine it being gone forever...ghasp! I hadn't seen the new prints yet so thanks for showing them. I'll be off to shop for them soon!

  3. I have mine hoarded away. I get it out to look at but I just haven't been able to cut into.

  4. I heard you in that cemetery, I was there too, screaming for the Ghastlies. Super Love that line. I want all of them in all of the lines, colors and versions. The drawings are so beautiful, witty, a bit twisted and perfect.

  5. I hadn't heard about the newest Ghastlie fabrics. I have to go check those out myself.


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