Wednesday, November 26, 2014


 I drank the Koolaid and have entered the world of 

I love blogging sew that's not gonna change...
but IG has some addictive qualities that include

Making lots of new creative "friends"
"Inspiration" that flows like cocktails at a party
Quick "answers" for questions
"Selling" fabric from my stash
"Buying" fabric I've been looking for!
Addictive "SWAPS"

I am SEW enjoying these swaps!!!

@artsofcraftiness hosted a #handmadeornamentswap
Swap mamas (hostesses) have an on-line form to fill out.
Each swap has an identifying #hashtag
to use in your posting and provides a picture repository of awesomeness!

 My partner @seydonnamade
 said she like Sugar Skulls and Russian doll ornaments.
I made a stack of em.

They were happily received.
Sey's little girl just full of sweetness!

 My handmade ornament swap package from 
@mdreedy3 - was incredible.  
I guess I need to step it up at bit-learning as I go!
I received a stuffed owl, mug rug and several ornaments
including cross-stitched ones!
As well as some candy..for my sweet tooth!
Thank you Michelle!

 The next swap I'm in is due in January
IT IS NOT for the faint of heart!
 I gettin my bitch on!

sponsored by @weenchaweena

Well hell yes! Over 200 participants 
"who say what they mean and mean what they say"
Guess where you'll find me!

My partner's main "bitch" project is done.
I appliqued vinyl tape measure to the project
making it very foulmouthed.  

Up next...
This is one of the first swaps I saw when I joined IG.
Round 2 was "wrapping up"
I was enamored by all the beautiful mini kwilts
folks were making and sending.

I have the mini top done using some of my
 fab.u.lous Lotta Jansdotter!
Here's a sneak peak.

One more swap for now... all about totes!
@m3_quilts is co hosting...
I met Brandi during my Ghastlies swap.
 I didn't hesitate to jump on this bandwagon!

And the new logo is the bomb!

Another cool thing is about swaps..
Inspirational Collages 

Here's mine for the #IGtoteswap
Gives your partner ideas of your colors and style.

Send me your IG handle should you join!
I'm @kwiltypleasures

I'll be looking for ya!


  1. That's a whole lot of lovely swaps! I'm fairly new on IG too @gilly_makes Going to pop over and follow you now too :-)

  2. Have fun on IG!
    I'm running a fabric giveaway, would you like to enter?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I also am a member but struggle as to how it all works so just take a back seat at the moment. I have certainly not seen anything about swaps etc

  4. I am in the same boat as Margaret I have an account but don't do much with it.

  5. I finally joined and got an IG account but have yet to have the time to learn much about it or to actually post anything there.

  6. Drinking the Kool-Aid is the perfect description, I just joined too, trying to catch up with bloggers who have jumped ship, but really there's been no time to figure it all out, good for you getting it sorted and jumping in with both feet!

  7. I'm not that into all the photo stuff....Guess I am old fashioned...

  8. I have not yet taken the IG plunge. Been thinking about it, but you are scaring me - I am such a sucker for the swaps and those look pretty tempting! OMG your picture is funny


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