Monday, November 10, 2014


I am out of my sewing room and in the kitchen,   
I'm sharing some of my recipes in a post series...
  "Sweet Celebrations"

If I know the original Cookie Diva-I will credit them.
Many of these recipes have lived in my recipe box for years!

Today's Sweet Celebration is...

I  celebrate Christmas at my house. 
I have many "theme" Christmas Trees in my home.
(my 2012 Christmas decorating posts begin here)

 I bake lots of Christmas cookies. 

I say Merry Christmas!

 Life is too short.. 
We all can all enjoy these Sweet Celebrations...
however you choose under any holiday reference you like! 

Beginning in 2000, and for 10 years 
I hosted a "Christmas Cookie Exchange" with my girlfriends.
As part of this series I want to share some of that fun too!

Cookie Table from 2003

Coookie Diva's

If I was ready to serve the cake, 
I would drizzle with icing - add toasted almonds.  
Since they are going into the freezer...I'll wait to do that.

*a single recipe will do a bundt pan
OR two loaf pans

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