Sunday, March 22, 2015


My commitments for Spring Swaps are done! 
I can't believe how much fun the Instagram swaps are.
And addictive...but more on that later!

Spring Mini Swap

You know I luv me some Nested Churn Dashes
I think it has now become my "go to"mini kwilt!
They finish at 24" square
and you can use such fun fabrics!

They are easy enough to FMQ 
with opportunity to try new kwilting designs

A white back and the FMQ shows up pretty good here. 

Next up
Rainbow Mini Swap

My assigned partner dropped out of the swap
but I had already made this.  Spent lots of time
figuring out how to make a rainbow 
without jewel tone fabric.
She mentioned that she didn't like jewel tones.
So I pulled some medium value prints and use
scraps from MODA Quilt Blocks
This log cabin finishes at 16 1/2" square.

Simple straight line kwilting on the log cabin block
lets the fabric be the star.

I used a fun print for the backing.

Fast swap mama provided a new partner.
You see if someone drops, someone flops!
I hope my new partner will like this mini.
I have stalked her and will find some items to
add in her package to make it her own.  

I also joined in the
Charley Harper Swap 

I pulled this fabric from my stash  

I luv the Noodlehead's sew easy
and very practical!

and now a Kwilty Pleasures soapbox rant...

People sign up for swaps and then

Take a breath..slow down....think about
ALL your commitments, at home, at work 
in the virtual world, everywhere!

Give yourself time to meet the commitment to your
anxiously waiting swap partner.
Make sure your swap partner is not disappointed
cause your LIFE HAPPENED.
Their LIFE HAPPENS every day too!

And oh yeh...if you click that submit button
start your project yesterday!  

I made all these swap project from my stash
and met the challenge for...


  1. Cute tote and your NCD is very cute. ROFL that is why I don't do swaps, I get too stressed that I would miss my deadline.

  2. You did good and you know how I feel about people that don't come through on their commitments.


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