Wednesday, May 27, 2015


My latest obsession, 
other than kwilting with the Ghastlies, 
 is knitting with the Ghastlies.

I found a free project bag by Very Shannon
 click here
I immediately knew it had to be Ghastlies

As you know the Ghaastlie Girls love to knit!
I made 2 - Outside pockets featuring them
in all their knitting glory

 Sebastian Ghastlie for 2 inside pockets
You know cats like to play with the yarn
so he will be right at home in there!

Pulled fabrics for the body of the project bag and the lining

I used what I had on hand for the stabilizer.
 947 fleece for the body  
but added a bit heavier deco bond on the body sides
behind the pockets (not in the handle)
for some added stability.

Isn't this just adorable!

Can't have enough pockets.  I divided them to hold 
 needle size ruler/gauge, knitting markers, finishing needles 

add some beautiful yarn...and voila...
(and you thought this was all black and white)

Now, I am off to try and improve my knitting skills!!!
They will probably be just

AND I can add another project to 

Who out there knits and can you recommend an 
shawl or scarf pattern?


  1. love the bag so roomy for all your bits and pieces

  2. L.I.K.E! as you well knew that I would. :)

  3. Love everything about this bag!

  4. Kathy, my favorite easy-to-knit scarf is "An Admired Cowl" by Deb Buckingham on Ravelry. Love the bag!

  5. Why don't you try the Brickless Shawl? Lol.

  6. Adorable!
    I knit a washcloth once!


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