Saturday, August 15, 2015


Can you believe some folks have not even heard of
 "Downton Abbey"
Yup...true statement!

I however, love this TV series and couldn't resist
getting in on a Downton Abbey Swap!

I had some fabric in my stash already!

I began stalking my IG partner to see what she might like!
and pulled some colors to go with the main prints!

I fussy cut the center piece and set it on point!

and began building a Churn Dash Mini Kwilt

Organic straight line kwilting

The back was fun piece buried in my stash!

A Downton Abbey finish...18" square mini

 This doesn't get mailed til September...
I like being ahead of the game!

Gathering a couple extras for the package..before I ship!

Here are a few Downton Abbey items I luv and
 would be great extras..should my partner
be reading this!  LOL

January will bring us the FINAL SEASON 
of Downton Abbey will be bittersweet!

This project is now part of the challenge...


  1. That is beautiful and will make a great gift for your partner. I, too, am sad that this will be the final series.

  2. Sweet quilt, love the soft colors. Love Downton Abbey I have my DH, one of the daughters and her family, and my mother watching it, only to have the upcoming season be the last one.

  3. Such a cute mini, love the purple with gray! Those DA quotes crack me up..

  4. I've a fully heard of Downtown Abbey but haven't watched a single episode. No time. Anyway your mini is very sweet and I'm sure your partner will love it.


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