Monday, February 20, 2017


 My hat always goes off to the pattern designers out there...
even the unspoken ones from 100 years ago.  

Take for instance, there is a block called "Swoon" 
by Thimbleblossoms
 I have the pattern and this is the block... 

Image result for swoon block layout pics design

Sometimes the tiniest change in color placement or
cutting a piece of fabric to place in a design
makes it new!
I have to chuckle when I see all the excitement

over a block that has been around for years 
like this...

Star of Bethlehem

Image result for star of bethlehem quilt block pattern

I decided to give the "Swoon Block" a try
by making a mini quilt using my  
Charley Harper stash fabrics.

 I studied the pattern, did a little math (I hate math)
and my process began. 
Diagram A - Original pattern - cut pieces
Diagram B - My pieces - some one large piece vs 2 small pieces

Diagram A - Swoon cut pieces - Several HST
Diagram B - My cut pieces - 2 HST

The Chickadee birds fit the center
and some coordinating HST
 Zen Chic "Comma" mustard and dots plays well!

The dark teal flower print was up next...
I just began building it out as I went...
using more of the Zen Chic with it.

Here is where my stash FQs decided 
how to finish the  "white" area.

 diagonal corners are different and now my deign. 
I marked the sizes I had to cut to make my fabric work

I made four sections sets using the 
Charlie Harper leaves and Gray flowers

The Kwilty Pleasures "hack" uses fewer HST 

I sewed it all together, added a small blue border then
quilted it with an elongated serpentine stitch.

In the end....I like it and not sure what I will call it...
other than done!

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  1. I like your hack. One of these days I'm going to get my Swoon quilt started.


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