Monday, July 10, 2017


I love being a PATTERN TESTER!
This has been another fun opportunity because 
I am on Instagram!  Many IG pattern designer peeps will 
post that they need testers for their patterns.

Years ago I wrote a couple patterns, before EQ7
and I have taught classes. I know lay-man's language...
Sew to Speak!

I was asked by Emily Lang (@mommysnaptime)
to test her SHADES quilt pattern.  

Although her pattern was low volume with a bright center....
I headed to my stash to find bright novelty prints
and put together a totally different color value top! 

The cutting began with 2 1/2" strips

I provided lots of DETAILED feedback cause well...
patterns need to be easy to read and follow.

Then this happened on my iPad
A diagram that was supposed to be displayed on page 2...
floated to the top left corner of page 1

I provided screen shots to make sure Emily 
knew what I was talking about. 

I write feedback almost line by least section by section.
Because I did not follow her color selections for main and secondary colors...
I had to really think about how I would place my fabrics.

There was lots of strip piecing involved.

This is one 18" block.

Four big blocks make the top of the baby quilt size and you
could choose to make this top up to a king size.

A very cute finish...if I say sew myself!

And this will be backing...yes it was in my stash too!

It was a fun and easy to test pattern.  
I used up some novelty stash and this is a great
"gender neutral" baby quilt!

I also tested these patterns...
Charm Dash Churn by Ms. Midge

 Woven Fences by Andrea of Scarlet Key

The Slim and Sassy Wallet pattern 
by Rena of The Southern Bobbin

If you need a pattern tester
...someone who has 30 years of making quilts (and bags)
...someone who can see past the designers color palate 
...someone who is not afraid to provide healthy feedback...

I am your "pattern testing" girl!

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