Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Doris Ann (DA) and I have been friends since early 70s
We met via a belly dancing class, danced in Greek nightclubs
And proved, well before Shakira sang it,
"the hips don't lie"

Roomies once, she moved to Texas for a time.
I visited her and the "smokin hot" Marlboro Men!

She loves high heels...
Sew her first quilt from me made in 2011...
still has a place on her sofa!

Its been a long and winding road for us!
DA just bought her first house!
A visit to see it last June involved lots of wine
catching up and a new "housewarming" quilt! 

Don't remember the pattern from 2011 magazine...
 Moda "Quilt Blocks" Jelly Roll

The backing was stash fabrics all pieced together!
It's one of my quilts I had to make...
but only the future would tell me who would receive it.
Stored it safely away.

DA cried when she read the label I embroidered onto the front.
"There's No Place Like Home"

I am truly blessed to have her friendship
 still in my life after all these wonderful years.
Cuddle up, Buttercup!
Love you!

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  1. Great quilt. I'm glad it found the perfect home. And I like the simplicity of the pattern.


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