Friday, February 8, 2019


I luv when my great-niece, Gemma, comes over.
She is the closest thing I have to a Grand-daughter.
Once in awhile she even calls me Gramma
but we are quick to correct cause I don't want
any of her Grandma's upset!  😕
But I know she loves me "that much"!

Her Mama needed some Thank You cards
for her Dog Grooming business.

A perfect craft and lesson in card making!
This was the basic design I came up with
but Gemma would be making 20 cards.

It began with paper.. picked out two
colors of fun papers for each card.
One would cover the front of the card
the other would be the paw prints.

Then some trimming pieces to size

She punched out hearts and circles to make
the paw prints.

She learned how to use clear blocks with
stamps and how to ink those.

Then I showed her how to use the Stamperatus
She loved the "inking"

A few times the glue got away from her
and a mess was made.

I think she loves hanging out with 
Aunt Kathy in her crafty space!

She actually let me stamp the paw print
on the envelopes.

And that's one happy little girl!

Well I wouldn't trade these "maker days" for anything.
Guess I need a "Stamp On" salutation...

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  1. Looks like you all had lots of fun and were quiet productive. You know she will all way's remember and treasure these days and times with you....You are setting the foundation for her craftiness when she become a grown woman.


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