Sunday, February 23, 2020


I have been to the SW FLORIDA MQG show many times.
Quilts hung on clotheslines, in a beach park, with the Gulf waters
ebbing and flowing behind them.

NOT this year...IT RAINED!
The quilts were laid on tables and we had to
sift thru them to get glimpses.
It felt sew bad for the makers and the guild
who worked for a year to get this show together.

If you know me, you know I managed to snap some photos.

This quilts was based on a Charley Harper heron.
I love all things Charley Harper!

Great quilting here!
I believe a "solid challenge"

Solid challenge.
Fun houses in a wedge pattern design.

Solids again, but this quilting was amazing!

More solids with an interesting diagonal design.

Another solid design...I see a fish here?

The quilting on this was fabulous!

These maybe modern flowers and
the straight line quilting was well done.

Solids here but the tiny strips used
to build out the squares were about an inch wide.

Another solid design with tiny horizontal and vertical
straight line quilting.

Traditional block, made modern Challenge!
This is a churn dash block!

A Modern version of the Traditional Log Cabin block.

The next few quilts have amazing quilting designs.

Sorry I couldn't tag all makers, it was just to hard to collect that info since quilts were piled on top one another.  
I hope you enjoyed what I did capture.
If you would like to see this show hung on the clothes lines...
click here  You won't be disappointed!

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