Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Snippet - Paint Chips Reinvented

Paint Chips..not just for wall paint anymore!

A search on PINTEREST shows endless ideas
on how to use paint chips for your next creative outburst! 

Being a fabric-holic I want to share with you 
3 Paint Chip "QUILT' challenges 
I organized and/or participated in.  

Basic rules are set by the Challenge Coordinator.
Decide on categories (i.e. wall hanging, purse, other)
Finished quilt size,
Number of  additional "colors" that may be added 
to the "paint chip colors"
Include something to "tie" the challenge together.
(i.e. an applique design that has to be on each entry)
Select a date for the reveal and list the
categories that will be on the voting ballot like...

Viewer's Choice - quilt
Viewer's Choice - bag
Best use of Paint Chip Colors

Put a paint chip along with the challenge guidelines
in a sealed  envelope..
Participants draw an envelope and the fun begins.

Why not charge participants a small entry fee or run a food drive. Have some fun with the challenge AND help your community.  

Here are my finished Paint Chip Challenge projects.

 First  Challenge
I added pink and gold to the green paint chip colors. 
Echo quilting was the right choice here.
Added some beads to spiff it up a bit.
This challenge needed a "hand" applique n the design.
Look closely...find them?
BTW - this was my first "art quilt" and my design.  
Award - Viewer's Choice - 2nd place

 Second  Challenge
Guidelines were about the same...
Added greens/browns to the pink paint chip colors
All entries in this challenge had to have the same "leaf" applique.
Used some metallic threads to quilt the flower
Sparkly yard provided dimension for the flower's center.
Echo quilting around the flower and meandering on the border. 
This was my 2nd "Art Quilt"
Award - Best use of Paint Chip Colors

 Third Challenge 
My most recent challenge had a WONKY twist to it.
Home decor was a category...

Click here  to see the Columbus Modern
Quilt Guild winning projects and there is a tab that shows the
WONKY paint chip rules/guildelines. 
  The competition was fierce and although my pillow did not win
My prize was seeing the excitement from
everyone who participated.  

My first WONKY Pillow

Challenges are fun and always get those creative juices flowing!
If you belong to a quilting group why not give a "Paint Chip Challenge" a  Kwilty Pleasures  try.


  1. great colors! we all have our favorites, this is a great way to try new colors

  2. Our challenge (CMQG) was a ton of fun! Your pillow was too cute and I love that it goes with the quilt you showed. We missed you last Thursday! Hope your foot is healing quickly and your recovery is smooth. See you in December.


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