Monday, September 8, 2014


TAG...I'M IT....

Erin who blogs at "Sew at Home Mummy" tagged me for this hop. Sounded fun and hey...isn't that what blog hopping is about?  Erin was one of the first bloggy friends and we have shared some great pokes, jokes and laughs.  She has helped me with techy-bloggy design questions and took time to make my Ghastlies Swap button. Her blog oozes inspiration, ideas, interaction and it, like Erin,  will captivate you!   

1. What am I working on? 

My big project now is hosting a "Ghastlies Swap".  It's my first swap and so good.  I opened a big ole can of Ghastlie worms and the participants are really engaging the "spirit" of this hop.  I am making random Ghastlie items (because I can't help myself) and I share these with the participants on IG and my blog to keep the worms crawling.  Wonder what I will send my partner?  If you are on IG you can find me @kwiltypleasures and check out #kwiltypleasuresghastliesswap! 

Sweet Ghastlies Holiday Pouches

A Nested Churn Dash  (NCD)
Center piece  -  8 1/2" square
and built out to a 24" square

This NCD has the 4 1/2" square in the center (sew tiny)
 I'll build it out to the full 24" square

Have you figured out yet that I luv the Ghastlies.  Some day I will make my own Ghastlies kwilt.  In the past couple years I have made 7 commissioned Ghastlie kwilts. Here are a couple of them. 

I am working on 5 projects for the Sew We Quilt "Rush Hour" blog hop. I can't show those today but come back on Sept 25th.  I have used almost every inch of these beautiful fabrics and you can participate in the "giveaway(s)" I will offer during the hop.

I make a lot of kwilts for my Etsy shop, some bags 
and you'll find some "destash" fabrics as well. 
Hope to get some Vintage Christmas items and 
Vintage Sheet fabric selections added soon!

An example of the modern kwilts in my shop.
These are for twins...

I'm working on these wonky blocks for Halloween...
gotta set them in black

Halloween pillowcases are sew quick and easy!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? you can see from what I have shown you here genre is not a term I like to adhere to.  My feet are planted in traditional kwilting, I have dabbled with "art kwilts" but today my heart belongs to some of the modern aesthetic.  When my traditional background collides with my modern adventures...Kwilty Pleasures happen!  

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Blogging gives me an outlet to write/talk about my passion(s) and I continue to use fun technology (I had a career in IT). Now that I am retired, blogging keeps my mind sharp, except for an occasional senior moment.  The "creative gene" is in my DNA!  

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

The creative process continues to change and grow thru the years.  I used to pick a pattern, then fabric and worried myself sick about the kwilt police. Today, I am a fabric fanatic, with a stash to prove it. Never know what I will make with it when I buy it. The fabric will eventually tell me what it wants to be. And who the h3ll are the kwilt police!

I always like lots of projects going on at one time.  I have NEVER done a project from start to finish!   I am an electronic hoarder on Pinterest, luv all my new IG friends and the bloggers out there make me wish I was a I could soak up every ounce of inspiration!

Today I am tagging Carol at Just Let Me Quilt - I met Carol through blog hops and I think we have a similar sense of humor and are friends with the over achiever bug. 

Michelle at Quilts From my Crayon Box  She is personal inspiration and a good bloggy friend.  Someone who has helped me with many bloggy questions and encouraged me to do my own swap!  Please put your crayons back in the box now and head over to Quilts From my Crayon Box!

The 3rd tag goes out to YOU my readers!  Tell me what makes your creative juices flow!


  1. wow!!! Loved seeing these projects!!! A it's a nice way to learn more about each other

  2. Had to laugh at your paragraph on the creative cycle. I'm somewhere between stage 1 and 2. Still trying to kill off the quilt police who live in my head!

  3. You are just amazing with all your projects in the works! I love your process of creating and I doubt the quilt police would find anything to cite you for. You keep me motivated with all you do!

  4. I always love reading about your kwilty adventures and also love that I have found a kindred soul in you for our mutual love of Halloween. That pp block quilt is coming my way when it is done, right? LOL Thanks for the tag. I guess I'd better get busy working on my post soon.

  5. LOL!! I'd like to meet the quilt police too. They're supposed to be really mean!!
    Your post was awesome, Kathy, just like you. And it made me feel better that it seems someone else has more WIPs than me :p hehehe


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