Monday, August 29, 2016


Wonderful is not the experience I had making
Sew Kinda Wonderful's "Metro Rings" quilt top.
Countless, laborious hours, a shitty class teacher
Re-cutting and sizing pieces...praying I had enough fabric!
But...the quilt top is DONE!

The block on the top was cut and made correctly 
I did change the triangle pieces Kona navy.

Bottom pic shows two colors of the triangle fabric..
I decided one color would be better.
That block was also cut incorrectly, during class,
using the wrong registration lines on the ruler...
per the class teacher.  

Thank GOD I had a couple extra jelly roll pieces left
to fix a few incorrect cuts from the class.
I also had to trim up some gray background pieces!

Here it is on the design wall...
as I cussed my way thru the process!

You may big deal, but it WAS 
a very costly BIG DEAL!

Because this was a corporate sponsored class 
I had to pay $5.00 dues to the activities association
just to get the class fee reduced to $35.00
That took several hours (priceless) 
because the corporate website
would not let me sign up via their crappy website!
 I ended up sending a check in for the class 
...another 54 cents for stamp!

Then I bought...
The Sew Kinda Wonderful Pattern $10.00
The Quick Curve Ruler $24.00
Zen Chic Jelly Roll $42.00
Background 5 yds KONA on sale $30.00
Navy fabric for connecting squares $10.00
Thread $10.00
Class Fee $35.00
Time invested...priceless

Total spent just to get to the "top finished" place $166.54 
Still need backing, batting, long-arm quilting fee!
The smoke is started to come out my ears again.
Image result for smoke out of ears cartoon

Oh wait, lemme be fair.  
The shopgave each participant a coupon for 
1 yard of fabric (up to $12)  
I got my coupon (later than most) 
and just a few days to redeem it... 
50 mile round trip!
Refunding the class fee would have been 
the right thing to do!

Are you beginning to see what this whole
experience was never WONDERFUL!

Sew here is  "Metro Stings"  cause it still does!

Thank for listening to my bitch post.
I think its good to tell the truth when shit happens.
Quilting is not all dream batting and unbreakable needles!

Tell me you worst quilting experience
so I know I'm not alone!


  1. I have made ten or more projects using Quick Curve Rulers and patterns and love them! Please don't give up! So sorry to hear about your bad class experience...and I agree, the shop should have offered you a refund.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I have another project lined up using the mini QCR. I cannot reply but emai, as your profile shows as a no-reply blogger. Go I til your bigger profile and change email option to shiw email. Thnx.

  2. It's definitely not the frugality that keeps us piecing aND quilting, is it? Your experience saved that project and it's beautiful.

    1. hi Edith...I cannot respond via email as you also are a no reply blogger. Thanks younfiryou comment and kind words about the quilt top.


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