Friday, August 12, 2016


Yes I am an IG (Instagram) Swap Junkie!
I could not resist the #Supertoteswap hosted by 
Amista Baker  @amistabaker

My partner was Van Tabbert aka @flatbrokeminimialism
I stalked her profile to find she really loves these colors...

then headed to my stash...
I found very similar colors and prints but most
of these are Kate Spain fabrics.

I also noticed she like ta...da!
The front pocket is patchwork
the backing and lining are other coordinating fabrics

The Supertote pattern offers a recessed zipper on the top of the bag
and I added my label to the inside fabric pocket

Here's the finished Supertote!

and the back

Some extras items I made for Van's swap package included
a zippy pouch and note cards!
I threw in a pattern for good measure-ments!

I really enjoy swaps and try to make something 
the recipient will luv... and per her comments below

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