Friday, February 23, 2018


Nothing more frustrating than a ball winder 
that won’t wind the yarn into a cake!
I did a quick Google search and found a fix.  

Inside the main case (of this Knit Pick winder)
 there is a gear that was off track.
Take the screws it and 
set the gear back on track..screws back in 
and wind baby wind!

 Got these 3 skeins wound and ready to knit!

Here is a link to the free pattern on Ralvery
 The Wave, by Kristen Finley

photo from Ralvelry...

Next up will be this lovely fingering weight that magically
 takes me thru the Scotland. 
 "Glen Coe" colorway and 
my Outlander Heart is Happy!

I purchased this pattern 
Refection Line by Tetiana Otruta

photo from Ralvery

And last but not least...I need something 
that looks spring or summery.
No pattern selected yet!

Hope your are having a warm winter and knitting away!

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