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Today is the bog hop for small, smaller, smallest projects

and I'm going small and scrappy! 

I have lots of scraps and two projects for you today.

IF you make it to the end of this post...

there is a giveaway!

Thanks to Carol over at Just Let Me Quilt

for hosting this hop!

Small Smaller Smallest

Of course I have some projects...

but I also have some links to fun and quick small projects.

Lets begin with some scrappy fabric coasters.

Sewed together HST from my scraps and  

sized all to 4.5" squares

and then folded them like so...

Here is a link to my tutorial that will show you

step by step on how to make coasters from charms

(5" squares) Make sure to see how I do this!

Here is the finished "small" scrappy coaster (3 1/2" square)

Anyone need a small thread catcher?

I love this one that I received as a swap extra!

Sew for this hop...

I grabbed my scraps and made a tutorial...

Start with 2, 10" squares...
Remember, I am using scraps, sew
I pieced together fabric scraps to get them.
The pink seabirds...has SF101 on the back!
Don't will work for this!

I needed a template and found a local map

to cut a 9  1/2" triangle template

Laid my two squares, one on top the other
Template on top, cut the triangles.

Right sides together, sew 1/4" seam allowance all

around, leaving an opening to turn...
Trim the points off before turning RS out

Once turned RS out and pressed
Top Stitch 1/8" around

Place two points together and mark 2 1/2" down and marked

that spot with a straight pin.
From the fold sew up to the straight pin
Repeat for the other two points

It will look like this when all 3 sides are sewn

kinda origami..right?

Now finish it by securing the tips with buttons. 

It's very small and fits nicely in your sewing kit.

You can really make these any size that you want.
Just cut your two squares larger and make the triangle
to fit inside those squares.


If you have time please check out all my tutorials here

Something for everyone 

SMALL projects to BIG information!

Other blogs participating in this hop are listed below.

Stop by and leave a small comment!

 FINALLY...the giveaway!

A fun "small" drawstring bag I made using
Jeni Baker's In Color Order 

her bag tutorial is here

Did your March comes in like a lion or a lamb?

Mine came in as a herd of sheep and someone will win them!

US only (sorry) Random draw on March 15th.

Leave me a comment
Tell me what is your favorite way to use scraps!


  1. I love your little thread catcher bag. I just keep piling mine up on the table, letting them fall wherever they want. Your smallest little projects are adorable and thanks for sharing.

  2. That is such a sweet little thread catcher. Thank you for sharing your tutorial with all of us. I just might have to make myself one of those.

  3. My SIL would love to make those coaster, but I love the thread catcher. The LION roared here with one storm dropping 38" of snow and a second just days later dropping almost 20" - where is Spring? over

  4. took me a few minutes to figure out what RS meant, but I finally got it.. it must be late.. 2am for me... but it's the only time I have today to visit blogs. On another note, I love the thread catcher, can't wait to try it out, thank you for offering a tutorial for it.

  5. I've made lots of costers like that, and also thread catchers. They're so sweet. And the thread catchers you could put your rings and jewellery in too. So bad I can't be in the draw for this fun bag.

  6. I often use scraps for pot holders. I also make scrappy, wonky log cabin blocks from scraps and have made 5 or 6 quilts from the blocks. Your projects and fabrics are so cute!

  7. I love to make quilts with many small pieces and scrappy. So I love scraps.

  8. Thanks for the thread catcher tutorial. I am definitely adding it to my list of projects. Here is upstate New York, March came in like a lion.

  9. Our wind has been out of the north and very cold. Will be glad to see spring come.

  10. Oh great projects! What a neat little folded coaster. Thanks for the tute on the thread catcher. And thanks for a cute giveaway! March came in like a lion here, we finally got a bit of snow, which my kids were soooo happy for! And now it's raining, and we need the rain! :)

  11. Neat projects, so glad you shared them with us!

  12. Love those projects! I make coasters too, and use a lot of extra 5" squares for them (as well as charm packs). March came in like a lion for us. My favorite way to use scraps is to cut them into strips and squares and put them in tubs. I use a little for projects here and there, but someday I need to actually make some quilts from them...

  13. I have lots of scraps and am just learning how to use them for small projects. I really like your thread catcher. JUST what I need for my travel sewing kits for hand projects so I will be making some of those! Also I will be making the coasters for gifts! Thank you so much. I look forward to tutorials like this

  14. Oftentimes I makr nine patch quilts in various sizes with left over strips & pieces. rozz01(at)cox(dot)net

  15. Thanks for the cute projects (tutorials). I marked your tutorial page to browse on my tea break this afternoon! Thanks for sharing your lovely projects.

  16. I'm not great at using scraps, but this thread catcher is such a cute idea I may have to start saving scraps. It's adorable! Folding over your HSTs to make a coaster was interesting and a cool way to use those leftovers. I feel like I definitely had some origami training this it! Thanks for the great tutorial and for hopping along with us! :O)

  17. Wow, you've been quite busy with your projects. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm always in need of a new thread catcher and this one is perfect for travel sewing. Thank you!
    I'm trying to get better about cutting my scraps into squares as I go and organizing them. There was a post in the hop showing organization ideas and I think I'm going to use those tips.

  18. I love your projects. I use scraps to make comfort quilts, which our local police department gives out to child in need.

  19. Those little coasters are great and I love the color combination you used. The thread catcher is fabulous too. I think I need to make one as my thread bits end up everywhere.

    After our delightful February, March roared in like a lion.

  20. We use those coasters all the time. They are great! Who doesn't need a thread catcher. I should have them all over my house, since there seems to be thread everywhere I look!

  21. That coaster is so unique and small. The thread catcher is perfect and I thank you for the tut. I hand sew and there are always threads at the table (OR on the floor) so I can definitely use one. Our weather changes quickly and often in March. We have rain, snow, sunny skies, etc. One day you can go out with short-sleeves and the next your back to the winter coat...but we KNOW spring is on the way. :)

  22. Love that thread catcher - I will give that a try!

  23. Cute thread catcher. I've never seen that before! I've just learned how to foundation paper piece so I'm using scraps up quickly! Thanks for sharing with us.
    emyerly (at) outlook (dot) com

  24. I will be making that thread catcher for on the move projects. I actually save my thread and tiny scraps for the birds in the spring. This is perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.

  25. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on the tread catcher, so easy, so cute. Heading out on a quilt retreat next week and will definitely make a couple of these while I'm there. Heck I'm in Florida and February broke heat records and tonight it will be in the low 40's. Oh, the coasters are great too.

  26. Adorable thread catcher - thanks for the tutorial!

  27. Thank you for the tutorials. I really love that bird fabric!

  28. Thank you for the tutorials on how to make both the coasters and the thread catchers!! Definitely need to make some thread catchers...many sizes - love them!!!

  29. Kathy, your sweet thread catcher really is like origami! It's the perfect size for sitting next to a machine or on the cutting table. You've offered great visuals to get it just right!

  30. Smart project! I follow Bonnie Hunter so now I'm a Scrapaholic.

  31. This is such an great project to make! It really would help to contain those pesky threads.

  32. Loce that scrap catcher and perfect size for my hand sewing bin.. Sheep are roo cute and the 1st of March came in like a sweet little lamb but then the next day we realized it was a wolf on sheeps clothing.......

  33. Thanks for the thread catcher tutorial. Great use for some of my cute buttons. Love the drawstring bag. March came in like a lamb here.

  34. My current favorite way to use scraps is by turning them into quilted baskets of various sizes. Thanks for the chance to win that adorable project bag!!

  35. I like using my scraps for mug rugs. The thread catcher tutorial is great. Always need them to keep with different projects.

  36. I think I mostly collect scraps! I need to spend a week sorting and pressing and cutting them into usable pieces. I collect Lambs too. Thanks for the tutorial.

  37. What a cute little project, love it 😍

  38. Cute projects. Aren't small simple projects wonderful.

  39. Thanks for the tutorial! Just a perfect little thread catcher!


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