Friday, March 7, 2014


 In the rolling hills of NE Tennessee  you can find
 "The Storytelling Capital of the World"

I visited here last year and have held this post for way too long
Sew here goes "my story"
Come with me to historic downtown Jonesborogh, TN
and I'll tell you a story. 

The Storytelling Center is home to the
fall festival each October.
Storytellers from everywhere come to spin their yarns.
The welcome center speaks kwilts
Main Street is lined with shops and churches
 Crafty boutiques

 Bed and Breakfast Lodging
 City Hall
 and of course Antique Stores
The textiles found here have stories of their own. 
love the blue and white fabric garland
I wonder what it its glory.
Hand kwilting...
that says "wrap me all around you, I have something to tell you"
Textile treasures, keeping secrets...
Vintage tablecloths, covering up tables full of tales.

 an old sewing machine whispers to catch your attenion.
Although I heard much of what these items were saying
I left them for the curiosity of future visitors.

My story is not over!
Calling my name, just down the street was...

 Your imagination will interpret the fabric stories yet to be told...
as the story continues next week.

Where is your favorite small town?


  1. This reminds me of the very very small town of Trenton KY which has a delightful quilt store and an amazing Amish Festival. Miss it! Thanks for your inspiring pics : )

  2. I enjoyed the stroll. Bardstown ky. is my favorite small town and they too of course have a fall festival. This has made me want to go back.

    I'll be back for the ruffle challenge to see what you made.


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