Saturday, March 22, 2014

30 / 30 CHALLENGE - WEEK 3

Sewed blocks for the "Play a Card" pattern from the
 May - June 2013 "quilty" magazine
Here is a link to the pattern.
  2TWENTY-THR3E fabric by Moda had been sitting
in my stash for a I'm stash bustin (again)
 The jelly roll is combined with more stash in a gray solid 

What a pile of fun!

Will decide next week if I want to add the borders
or not...the top will tell me.  
I like that the pattern in the magazine 
also shows a kwilting design.

Blocks now on the design wall
Next week I'll sew the grays to the blocks- add the vertical sashings. 

 I am still looking for the "BIG BUTTON" for this tote.  
What color button would you choose?

I finished the top stitching around the top. I made bottom inserts
for my bags using heavy cardboard cut to size and covering with fabric.   


Linking up to the with Sara over at 
Berry Barn for the 30/30 Challenge. 
Stop by and see what those selfish sewers are doin!


  1. Wow! Your new bag looks great! The button could be any of those colours shown on the typewriters or even gray. That's a tough one. Your blocks are looking spectacular up there on the ol' design wall! Great job, Kathy!

  2. I would use a black and white button (houndstooth maybe) , or if you really want it solid pick the typewriter color you like best and use that. Looks like you had a good 30/30 week!

  3. Orange! That's what I'd use, Kathy. And Quilty must be a thing this week, because that's where I saw the block design I used for my challenge pillow, albeit in a dramatically different palate. Happy last week of selfish sewing!

  4. How about a typewriter button on your uber cute bag?
    Link to etsy sources.
    Like your newest quilt project. Creative Stitching Bliss.

  5. I love it when you go wild and chain piece everything, your right the pile behind is such a delight to look at! I think a orange button would look nice.

  6. You've made some great progress, Kathy! Your great design wall really gives you a great visional of your quilt!

  7. I too was thinking an orange button would look rather nice. Love that sweet pile of chain pieced fabric goodness :) You had a great week of selfish sewing!

  8. I love that pattern perfect for that fabric!!!!

  9. Wouldn't it be cool if you could find a button that looks like one of those old IBM Selectric typing balls we used to snap in and out of the machine?

  10. black and white button would look got lots done...the blocks look great on the design wall

  11. Love the blocks on the design wall, great fabric choices.

  12. I saw your chain piecing and thought, Oh my goodness, her deck of cards went wild! Sweet bag. I like the idea of picking your favorite typewriter color for the button.


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