Monday, March 3, 2014


While I was on vacation last month 
I decided to pick up a few souvenirs.
And while doing sew...I took a BIG fall!

I fell hard...right off the
"no buying fabric" wagon!

As my bloggy friend Michelle said...
"that wagon is parked in the junk yard"
It is smashed to smitherines and I will NEVER see it again!

Junk yard

Ready for some fun?

 These Timeless Treausres
"Mechanical Genius"
FQs were 1.00 each
Crystal River, FL

Same shop - 4 Moda FQs at $1.00 each 
gives me a yard of "Ten Little Things"
I luv me some owls!

A bit further south in N. Fort Myers
is LQS - Quilt Lover's Hangout
Novelty prints by Robert Kaufman (not on sale)

SEW WORTH IT in Sarasota, FL
was a spur of the moment stop after a beach day
  FQs by In the Beginning and Moda (also not on sale)
but irresistable!

Oh, I have more...but this is all you get to see today!

 Sew I fell off the wagon...the only thing hurt was my wallet!
Fabric is after all, is my Kwilty Pleasure!

Linking up to Sunday Stash over at Mollie Sparkles!


  1. Well, I mean, if you're gonna do it you might as well do it big!

  2. That was too good to pass up! I wish I could find FQ's for $1.00 a piece, I would go nuts!

  3. That was too good to pass up! I wish I could find FQ's for $1.00 a piece, I would go nuts!

  4. Love the bits you picked up. Maybe you should have a vacation exception?

  5. well that was a big fall! I also fell but that was for some fabric suitable for making children quilts, but I am allowing fabric for specific projects, these quilts are just on hold at the moment so not sure if I class it as a fall or not!
    If I am ever able to visit USA I will come with plenty of space in my suitcase, the fabric is so much cheaper than here in the UK so unfair

  6. All I have to say us ME TOO!

  7. I like the idea of souvenirs, so much better than a shell sculpture :)

  8. I knew it!!!! You are such a fabricaholic. And you fell off the wagon all the way through Florida and probably a few other states. Looks like you got some great goodies.

  9. It's ok everyone falls off the wagon occasionally. Pick yourself up and create something fabulous with your great fabric finds.

  10. Well, if you absolutely had to fall, at least you had a soft and happy landing! Maybe it was just a little slip and you can get back on again :)

  11. Oops! I guess my intuition was right. Your wagon has gone permanently to the junk yard. But then again, if you want to can try to salvage it. You did get some nice pieces and you always need to get some souvinere's from a trip so...


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