Sunday, October 28, 2012


This tutorial shows you how to make a mug rug 
using a "quilt as you go" technique.  

Use  any fabric you like, for any season, any reason.
So find some fun Halloween Fabrics.

Collect fabric scraps that you can cut into wedge strips.
 1 1/2" inch on one end to
 2 1/2" or 3" on the other end.  Like this.

Decide before you begin what  the "finished size"
of the mug rug.  

Cut your backing and batting 1" larger than the finished size
giving yourself some allowance for trimming to size
when you are done.

Choose bobbin thread to match the backing.  
Top thread doesn't matter.

Let's quilt-as-you-go!!!

Place the backing right side down.
Then the batting on top of it.
Fussy cut one piece of fabric
with at least 5 uneven sides. 

This becomes piece #1.  
Lay it in the center of the batting, right side up.
Don't you love the cute green witches and ghosts fabric.

Now comes the fun using some simple rules.
  1. ALWAYS place and sew in a clockwise direction. 
  2. It does not matter which end of the piece is at which end....... it's wonky.
  3. Use a 1/4" seam allowance.
  4. Keep this rhythm...PLACE, SEW, (finger) PRESS, TRIM

PLACE the first strip right side down on along one edge of the center "fussy cut" piece.   
SEW  it down

FOLD the piece back along the seam
 and finger PRESS  (iron not required)!

TRIM along the edge line.

PLACE next piece right side down 
along the edge and SEW

PRESS back with fingers and 
TRIM to align with the next edge

Keep adding on pieces in a clockwise direction 
Always using this rhythm...
PRESS (with fingers)

Continue until you have covered 
the entire batting / backing piece.
It will look a bit this!



With top side is up...trim to size
cutting off the excess fabric and batting

I selected black fabric for binding
cutting 2 1/2" wide.  

Sew on the binding using your favorite method.

And your finished Quilt-as-you-go Mug Rug.

Grab a hot beverage for your new mug rug.
I get a bit WICKED with my
Coffee and Baileys! ! !   Yummmmmm!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Many thanks to  Wendy at Why Knot Kwilt 
for leading the cheers for this hop…
or is that  Wicked screams that keep us excited
and running to the next blog stop!  
And  Madam Samm's cauldron is overflowing
with creative Wicked quilting ideas.

I welcome you  "my pretties" to my Kwilty Pleasures Blog,
my mug rug tutorial AND a mug rug giveaway.

Read CAREFULLY...enter to win Halloween Mug Rug !

I can be  Wicked if you wish…
Halloween creatures are on my list!
You can be Wicked  and “follow me”
One post wins a  “mug rug” for a  Halloween tea.
(winner announced Nov 4th)
Post a comment to let me know
You now are "following me" wherever I go.
I  guarantee there is nothing to fear.

I will draw for a winner of this black/white/green mug rug on Sunday Nov 4th. 
Any follower - new or already following is eligible!  
Just leave me a post to say so!

And other Kwilty Pleasures Halloween Kwilts!

The spider webs are pre-made lace doilies - 
and the larger web has a spider charm sewn to it.  

Pumpkins Gone Wild! (moda fabric)

Just Ghastlie! using  "Side lights"pattern

Thanks for hopping on my broom for this WICKED 
Kwilty Pleasure ride!

And now...hop on thru to visit the WICKED CREW!

Dancing Moon

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Snippet - GET WICKED!

Are you ready to join me at the upcoming  WICKED blog hop. 
 Kwilty Pleasures has been invited to be a stop on the hop
 and I am Screaming out LOUD! 

Be sure to stop back here at Kwilty Pleasures on my day,
this WEDNESDAY, Oct 24th
I'll have a fun  WICKED  mug-rug tutorial AND
a giveaway for my followers.

Wendy the  WICKED Cheerleader over at Why Knot Kwilt blog
will have the entire schedule for all the blogs participating!
Just image all the  WICKEDNESS you can find!

And Madam Samm, at Sew we Quilt
will continuously stir the cauldron 
and post ALL the  WICKED blocks the bloggers create! 

May your week be full of WICKED Kwilty Pleasures!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Snippet - Just catching up

Busy week...catching up from vacation, 
good friends visiting Florida
 and hosting "Gordigate"...a Ohio State Football party 
at the Gordon household!
 I am lucky to have a  BUCKEYE FEVER
 group of friends for more years 
than I can count on all my fingers and toes. 

          My WICKED Blog Hop Day is Oct 24th

Hope your week brings you many Kwilty Pleasures.