Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Halloween is anytime you think of The Ghastlies. 
Take this jacket, for instance. 
A couple years ago I was inspired by Wild BoHo over on IG.
She has many beautiful hand embroidered and beaded pieces.
Especially GHASTLIES!

But it was kinda boring…a word I don’t use with GHASTLIES
Sew I kicked it up a notch!
I used a lightweight fusible and
kept layering Ghastliness til they screamed

This was the very boring front)

Then the updated, layered look.

Take a closer look at the Ghastlies on the back of the jacket.
I love the umbrella!

And the saying is definitely Ghastlie language.  
It’s from the fabric line ‘Something This Way Ghastlie Comes’

I just kept adding bits and pieces of Ghastlies.
Pressed them down and machine stitched around them.

And stitched them down with my sewing machine.

Pockets are loaded with fun!
instead of money! LOL!

Someday I hope to add some beading and embroidery stitching 
to really bling it up!

But for now, I turn heads when I wear it!
I think the Ghastlie family would be smiling,

Friday, November 25, 2022


If you know anything about know
I love THE Ohio State Buckeyes.
College football is my favorite
thing to watch on Saturdays.

I also enjoy making some OSU note cards.
I was lucky enough to purchase the stamp and die cuts
for them...before there were licensing issues.

Take a look at some sets I have put
together for hostess football party gifts...
or whatever screams scarlet and gray!

Lately I have enjoyed using black card bases
and Plaids for these fun cards.

I try to make various designs.

The hardest or most tedious part of making these...
cutting out 5 Buckeye leaves, 1 at a time.

Making sets with both Landscape and Portrait
designs is a good idea.

I like these note cards because even with putting
the OSU sentiments inside, one can use
them for ANY occassion!

Stamping the envelopes make the sets look great.

I haven't even touched the ribbons on any of my cards.
So that means...make more cards!

And because on November 26th, tomorrow,
 THE biggest college rivalry football game happens 
I have to say....very LOUDLY!!!!!
GO BUCKS! Beat Xichigan!

Friday, November 18, 2022


Don't worry!
Its a bedroom full of Charley Harper birds!

Many years ago someone gave me a set of CH coffee mugs
for Christmas.  That began an obsession and love for all
things Charley Harper.

I have a guest room that welcomes visitors
who never hear a bird peep.

I made a king size CH quilt to use as a bedspread.
And you can see the bed runner and toss pillows 
also made with CH fabrics.

I painted an old chair off white
and covered the seat with CH fabric.

I made the mini Nested Churn Dash quilt many years ago

This wall hanging was one of the first quilts I made for this room.

I have an antique armoure that holds many of my quilts.
I am thinking about chalk painting this.

Lots of little CH items live here!

The nightstand has some fun CH items.
The bear in the birch trees mini was a gift.

I have a quilt stand in the corner.
The hoop holds some CH marine animals.

Hoop close up!

Lots of CH bird in frames.
I bought all the frames at thrift stores/
and framed CH calendar prints.

These Moose remind me of my friend MOOSE
who left this world (and me) in 2021.

I hope you enjoyed my guest room.
I even sleep in here on occassion.
It makes me so happy!

If you think this is fun...
JUST WAIT til you see my CH Christmas Tree
and winter birds wall hanging,
that will be in this space!

Thursday, November 10, 2022


A Tomte and Gnome are really one in the same.
The pattern I am talking about today is a Scandanavian TOMTE design.

I looked up TOMTE (pronounced tom-ta) and by definition
a Nordic mythological creature associated with winter solstice and Christmas season.
GNOME is also a mythological creature who is
an ageless and often deformed dwarf who is a good luck charm.

This is my finished TOMTE quilt.
I think of the little guy as my
OSU Gnome named BUCKY

As I was finishing this quilt....I also had a Modern Tree Quilt to bind.
I used the free tutorial by Amy Smart for the Trees.
Her YouTube version of the tutorial is amazing. 
I used BasicGrey 'Hustle and Bustle' for my trees.

Sew with this post enjoy pix them both. 
After all Tomte/Gnomes and Trees seem to go together

PAUSE for a moment and check out the quilting.
Tomte longarm quilting is by Kim Hensley of Happily Every Quilting
Trees with wind and snowflake design longarm quilted by Patty Estadt.

So stinking cute!

The flower backing of Hustle and Bustle is perfect for the tree quilt.
The Tomte backing is a white tone on tone fabric.

I hope you are busy making magical Christmas quilts.
I am excited to have these finished!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

WONDER WHY it took me so long!

To finish and post about this quilt that began in  2021.
This was a "sewcial distance" challenge
between Kim Hensley and me.

I sewed it at the beach but it sat for awhile.
Kim was learning to use her new
INNOVA longarm and needed some practice quilts.

I was the girl for her! I have quilts just waiting!
Her new business is Happily Every Quilting.
She's still a full time VIP for Nationwide but
when she retires in a few years, this will be her
FUN full time job!
She is a super Disney Fan, has a family season membership 
to Disney World...making this the perfect name for 
her loves and passions!

She used a Star and Moon E2E design.

It was difficult to get good pictures
as the fabric is very light, but I tried.
I used WONDER by Kate and Birdie.

This baby quilt will hang with me til a baby comes
along that I just have to give it too!