Thursday, December 31, 2015


OK...I like do like challenges and I always have UFOs!
Here are my 2015 UFOs for my guild challenges.

Churn Dash Baby Einstein Kwilt

Ghastlies Portraits Kwilt

Ghastlies Orange Nested Churn Dash Kwilt

Ghastlies Christmas Stocking
Ghastlies Christmas Apron

The thing I like about the All People Quilt UFO challenge
is that your UFO can be ANY crafty creative project.
I have some card making and knitting I can include!   

You can find all the rules over at All People Quilt..

  Come on and join the fun...I know you have UFOs...

Columbus Modern Quilters UFO challenge
Nationwide Plaza Quilters UFO challenge
and All People Quilt #apqresolution challenge

 I'm off to my sewing room...see you in 2016!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


My swap partners do such a great job of stalking me.
This was my swap mini from @chelseaphene for the

Chelsea said she was a beginner quilter
but I think she knows more than she
thinks she knows!

I love this wonky design!

And the backing is awesome all on its own!

This Ghastliness on the wall in my sewing room now!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I hope you had a chance to try some of my recipes last year.
I'm here to sweeten you up again in 2015.

I never met my Mother-in-law, Geraldine Gordon
 but I'm pretty sure, from the taste of this date-nut bread,
she knew her way around the kitchen.

Today's Sweet Celebration is 

All my holiday recipes from 2014 and for 2015 
are located on the tab above 
"Sweet Celebrations" or click here

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I am a bit "over the top" with my collection of
antique tree toppers

I usually display them on brass candlesticks with 
a string of white lights and greenery.

This year...I put them ALL in a tree to
light up a corner in a dark hallway.

I began by wrapping the branches to hold
the toppers in place

 and added my collection of Faeries

and butterflies

This obsession began with this 50s 
red tree topper stuffed with white fiber and little bells
 It belonged to my mother-in-law, June Murphy

Let me share a few more of my faves!
Look closely this blue topper has a gold scene
of Bethlehem and the Wisemen on their Camels

My BFF Shirley, gave me this antique Santa...
(and I still can't believe it because she collects
Look at that face!

Shirley and I were antiquing when I found
this gold harp topper...wrestling match ensured's on my tree!  

This glass topper, newer in age, was a gift,
but oh how it glistens

This red topper reminds me of one we had
when I was a little girl

I wonder what this faerie is thinking?

My Christmas Bargello Wall Hanging 
makes a nice addition to the corner.

 Next time you see a beautiful tree topper...
I hope you think of me!