Monday, October 31, 2016


I finally finished a Halloween quilt
that has been haunting me for several years!

It all began as a swap among 12 quilters
We each picked a character from this pattern

Each of us made 12 blocks of our selected character to swap
September, 2013 -  I brought home these blocks

I wanted to do something a bit different, so I grabbed
a lot of craps and the fun began!

Let's not dilly dally with my procrastination any longer.
I cut strips and made each block "wonky"
Squaring them up when I got them to a bigger size
making sure black was the outer color.

Check out the FMQ on each block
It was such fun and a great way to practice
different designs and use lots of colorful thread.

And here it is...all done.   
I luv the scrappy binding that pull all the colors out.

Not sure why I didn't want to finish it, but happy I did.  
Let the Halloween fun creep into your home 

Monday, October 24, 2016


Before Hurricane Matthew ravaged the eastern coast
I visited a great local yarn shop in Myrtle Beach.

Everywhere you looked...there was beautiful yarn!

and wonderful projects created by the this scarf
A free download pattern from Ralvery
"ZickZack Scarf"

and I bought this yummy yarn to make it!

While I shopped, they wound this skein I brought in with me.
I luv it when shops help you with this kinda thing.

Look at the sweet note slipped into my bag!
I will use this yarn to make the "Reyna" scarf...
its a free download on Ralvery.

The staff at Knit N Purl were wonderful!
They showed me how to download free patterns
from the displays using a UPC code app!
and even better news...
I'll be a close drive to the shop
when I winter by the ocean!

Monday, October 17, 2016


I got it time for Halloween.
The RING OF COFFINS using my Ghastlie fabrics!

Isn't it great!

A peek at the quilting design from the back side of the batting.

Found a decorative stitch to outline the coffins.

And a few close ups...

My post about the Paper Piecing/ English Paper Piecing 
for this project is right click here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Black Mountain Yarn Shop is one of my favorite shops to visit 
when I travel thru North Carolina
Here is a link to their website!

Donna Farrow and her Husband own the shop
When I stop in, they cheerfully wind yarn for me,
that I didn't even buy there!

I usually head to the SALE ROOM
cause there are always fun things to find...

Like this sign!

But the store itself is packed with vibrant yummy yarns.

I bought a gradient cake yarn of turquoise and gray
to make the shawl below, on the left. 
This pattern "Reflection Line" is available to purchase
 as a download on Ravlery, click here 

The next pretty shawl is called "Dangling Conversation"  
Purchase and download the pattern on Ralvery 
I will use some stash yarn for this one!

and just down the street...a Fave WINE SHOP!

It's full of yumminess too!

OSuzanna's Yarn on Union is located 45 minutes east 
of Black Mountain in Morgantown, NC 
Another charming and cozy yarn shop
in the historic district / downtown Morgantown!
The area is full of good restaurants and crafty boutiques. 
Here is a link to check out her shop and hours, etc.

I admire the way shop owners bring their style into their shops...
beautiful old baskets atop the shelves of glorious color!

and Suzanne, the owner, is a weaver 
 check out the looms center stage.

Take a closer look

Here is a beautiful shawl Suzanne had knitted...
Only 3 skeins of Fingering weight... long would that take me to make?

Just down the street I found a beautiful garden....

Sew if you happen to find yourself 
East of Asheville, NC and like yarn...
don't miss these two shops!

Monday, October 3, 2016


Halloween is always a fun time to get into a swap  
and YUP...I did just that on Instagram.

My partner was one of the swap mamas
and after a bit of IG feed stalking and reading her 
informational email, I had some ideas. 

I noted on her informational email one of her 
fav fabric designers is C&S.   She luvs Spellbound & BOO
ME TOO!  I had some of both in my stash.
First I thought about making the 241 tote...

As I stalked her IG feed, I saw she knits and crochets
I decided on the Reversible Box Tote bag by Very Shannon

Her extras...she specifically asked to make
something for her 12 year old son.
A bit of Star Wars was just the ticket!

And the main items all done!

I also sent her a few extras for herself including a 
BOO tea towel that glowed in the dark, yarn, etc.
She and her son were very happy!

 I get it that we don't always get what we give
and we should not expect it.   Normally I would not say
anything but I feel a "heads up" to swappers in order.  

Stalk your partner
Use their IG feed, Pinterest, Blog
Whatever social media they have offered as a 
"get to know me" avenue
Read and reread her informational email
Post lots of sneak peaks on IG and ask for feedback
If you have a specific question, ask your swap mama 
to reach out to your partner.

I love the cross stitching she did for me. 
And she put it in a hoop...great, I asked for something hooped.

The rest of the package, after eating the candy,
Is a cute package but one I will never use. (sad face)
A string of yellow lights, yarn ghost garland
 and lots of paper products that
would be great for a kids Halloween party!.
I have no kids or grand kids!

I'm not really a Halloween witch...
just a witchy bit disappointed

My question is...if you sent items the recipient
cannot or won't it ok to "pay it forward"
and give those items to someone who will use it?
(in this instance...a school teacher?)

Happy Halloween!