Saturday, October 31, 2015


It is Halloween and I sincerely hope NIGHTMARES 
don't scare you....cause I got one for ya!

The nightmare began with my obsession for 
The 2009 Orange Ghastlies fabric

I saw this fabric when it was release but geeze 
it was Halloween orange and black.

This print in a new and modern gray, white and pink
 caught my eye Halloween eye!
I made this kwilt using "Sidelights" pattern
Sorry for the bad photo, but it's all I have!

Who knew all these years later I would want ORANGE!
The hunt was on and finally...I had enough fabric
to make 9 Nested Churn Dash Blocks
(24" squares)

Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8

Block 9

It was nightmare yet!

Left over pieces were used in the backing.

Sewed the top together and OMG...Ghastlie ghoulishness
beyond my wildest dreams  !


 I decided to "send this one out" to my professional longarmer.
I used an app called "Doodlebuddy" on my iPad
that allows me to draw over pics and then save the pic
Looks good...right?
Black thread for the web...right?

and little webs in the cornerstones...
This is gonna frickin rock the tombstones!  right?

WRONG...when I got the kwilt back 
(no fault to the kwilter) 
My Orange Ghastlie nightmare began!
I was NOT happy with it!
What I thought out in my head
DID NOT appear with needle and thread!

The spiderwebs were spaced to far apart.
The black thread was in my face and 
 just looked like lines going every frickin way!

Here is a "before" pic
 I left the spider webs on the center squares
and added some more straight lines to make it more visible.
Picking out the stitching was VERY difficult
Apparently, spider webs need double on top the other.
But I kept after block at a time!
I rekwilted each block, matching thread, meandering
"After pic"
Much easier on the eyes

My nightmare in hours lasted 60 HOURS
yup 60 HOURS of  
picking out thread and re-kwilting this Ghastliness

It was worth every cursing, patience-testing second...
All finished and I named it...
"Orange You Glad It's Done"

 Tell me your worst kwilting nightmare!

Friday, October 16, 2015


 Halloween in creeping in and I am here to tell ya

 Ghastlies Green Gallery Fabric!

The Ghastlie's family also have Grislies
Lemme introduce you to my favorite family!

The following blocks are from the first 
Ghastlies Gallery quilt I made in 2013. 
You can click here to see that post!

Mathilde (Grislie) Ghastlie
Gaspar Ghastlie
Sebastian Ghastlie
Son of Mathilde and Gaspar

Darla Ghastlie - married to Sebastian

Cordella & Cassius - Twins of Sebastian & Darla
Garrick Ghastlie
2nd son of Mathilde & Gaspar
Widow Ghastlie - Gaspar's Mother

Gunnar Grislie - Mathilde's Father

Mathilde's Sisters
Mildred, Magda and Minerva Grislie

Next I framed the portraits with solid black

I posted this pic on IG and
Alexander Henry (Ghastlies designer) 
commented on it

I was blown away that he "LOVE"d it and
that more Ghastlie fabric is being designed!


I sent this one out for kwilting and agreed on the designs
BUT...the spiderweb just didn't sit right for me!

Sew I picked it out and kwilted straight lines
with light gray thread.  Much better! 

I had some left over portraits
for an impromptu strip in the backing.

All ready to kwilt!

 I hope your Halloween includes some

Wait til you see my Orange Ghastliness!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Criminal Minds is my ALL TIME favorite TV series. 
There is something about the people in the FBI
Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)
who have drawn me in and has kept me watching
since the first episode aired Sept 22, 2005

I saw this swap on IG "after" it had been closed.   
After much pleading and perhaps
some criminal activity with @bendigolioness
the swap mama...this "unsub"

had her  "Wheels up in 30"

 @Quilty_jojo, Joy Cochran was my partner
and she loves Derek Morgan...(Shemar Moore)
ahhhh...what's not to love?  

Joy asked for something small to put in her work area.
She also said she would love any of Derek's quotes
that contained...
After many years of not touching hand embroidery
I gave it a go....

Well I was a techie gal when I worked 
and I luv Penelope Garcia (Kristin Vangsness) 
Derek and Garcia...
have a unique hot, flirty relationship on the show!
I found some fun "Garcia-like" items

and attached them to the finished hoop!
A coordinating ribbon finished it all off!

The "something local" item for the swap
was a tiny zippy pouch 
  "Ohio State Buckeyes"  

Other extras includes black licorice (she loves)
 and a sweet pincushion!

 Season 11 premiered September 30, 2015
I hope you join me this season and
let you mind go CRIMINAL!

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.-- Joseph Conrad said by Jason Gideon:

What is your favorite TV series?