Friday, May 27, 2016


In this case my fiber is yarn!

I was part of an IG Yarn Swap 
as part of itsome of the vendors offered 
a percentage off purchases !

Haute Knit Yarns caught my attention!

and knitted up it became this shawl
I mis-read the "Pretty Basic" shawl pattern....
and did not do enough wrapped rows
so I guess its my own design.

Next up...Oil Slick, such a yummy color 
 I couldn't wait to get this on my needles!

 I'm giving the "Pretty Basic" pattern another go!
Now that I have re-read it over and over...
I got this!

If you would like the "Pretty Basics" pattern 
by Janina Kallio Designs
click here and head on over to Ravelry!
It's free...
Scroll down to the download link!

I am working on a color experiment involving 
my yarn color choices! 
Stayed tuned for some amazing results! 

Monday, May 16, 2016


I am a MAKER...but
I'm not a big fan of BOMs or BEEs or RULEs
and I'm definitely not gonna MAKE 100 blocks of anything!
ESPECIALLY 6" finished blocks!

I had this bundle of Ink Blossoms, Sue Marsh, RJR
Added some solids from my stash...
yup...I drank the water.

 very soon...I figured out the tiny pieces in these blocks
were way to fussy for me...and a bit too traditional!
 I gulped down these blocks!

Block 1 - Hearts A Flutter
Not a fan of my heart fluttered off! 

Block 2 - Wings
I only did 4 sets of wings and no embroidered antennas!

 Block 5 - Simple Simon
Simple enough!

Block 6 - Focal Point
My point is...I stayed focused on this one!

Block 8 - Friends Around the Square
Does this represent my "square" friends?

Block 10 - Iowa
What can you say about Iowa?

Block 11 - Crocheted Thoughts
I don't crochet and my thoughts were to
forget the embroidered flower in the center 
and fussy cut one!

Block 12 - Checkerboard
Always ready for a fun game of checkers

Block 13 - Scrap Stars
 A star catches my eye now and again!

Block 16 - Pieces of Friendship

Block 17 - Family Stars
57 teeny weeny pieces that took me 3 hours to piece!
 A gaggle of geese that just about goosed me
to the next county!

I will add more fabric, impromptu piecing
build out the blocks to a size I like
 and hopefully make it feel modern.
Final be determined!

That being said...
my Splendor ends here and 
I'm ready to drink again but this time...WINE! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016


My kwilty friend, Andrea Arledge, (IG @pommesdeterres)
asked me to test her first quilt pattern "Woven Fence" 
 (by Scarlet Key her IG business account)

 "Woven Fence" is available now on Craftsy!
Just click here

The pattern is a beginner quilt pattern and very fun!
It's F8, FQ or 2 1/2" strip "friendly". Can be made using 12 different prints, or scrappy.  
Lots of strip sets for quick sewing.

I used 2 1/2" strips cut from some yardage I have been hoarding.
A white background...because that was what I had in my stash.

The pattern gives instructions for making sizes from baby to king.   

I decided to do a child size which has 16 blocks.   

and ta..da...The top is done!
I have plenty of the same fabrics for the backing and binding.

For now, its in the UFO pile TBQ (to be quiltedl)
I was very happy to help Andrea and I wish her
great success with this pattern and the many to follow!

Again I was able to...

Sunday, May 1, 2016


It's official...I am a Silver Sneaker, Medicare Eligible
"give me my damn senior discount" mama!
Today is my 65th birthday.

In this throw back  picture, I was 5 or 6
A true brunette with a bit of curl in my hair and no bangs! 
IF I let my hair go gray (no quite ready yet)
and combed it like this...I would look like Mom!

65 is the new 45 right?  I'll buy it.
I do have a new adventure that will keep my young at heart,
Meeting new people and enjoying great entertainment, 
Serving as an USHER for the CAPA Theatres
(Central Ohio Association of Performing Arts)

Oh you didn't know CBus has theater? 

 The Ohio Theatre

 The Southern Theatre

The Palace Theater

The Lincoln Theater

The Capitol Theater
(Rife Complex - also includes 3 other studios)


McCoy Center of The Arts

Wish me luck as my ushering adventures take flight
and bring on some...
Dirty Dancing!

Dirty Dancing