Tuesday, May 30, 2017


just til fall...then you can get your Ghastlies hands on
the new line featured at the recent Quilt Market!

used with permission of
Alexander Henry Fabrics and the DeLeon Design Group.

This is my favorites print in the collection!

Before I go on...let me remind you that two years ago
"A GHASTLIES END" fabric was to be the last!

Related image

BUT our Ghastlie cries were heard and the family
is still alive and well and growing!

 Spring 2016 gave us

The Ghastlies - Something Ghastlie…This Way Comes - ML292796 - Natural

A fabric that features 16 individual "Ghastlie Moments" 
You will be able to use as one piece or individual
pieces in quilt blocks.  
I for one am over the Ghastlie MOON!
Here are some sneak peeks!

brings more toil and trouble!

Gasper Ghastlie in tune with the sounds of 
Coleman Hawkins...full volume...I'm told

New Ghastlie creatures or perhaps their pets?
Frogs, fish...and more!
Little Cordelia, still has the hammer but is growing up !
Mathilda the Ghastlie's Matriarch 
can stare down a tornado with those eyes!

Of course when you have Ghastlie flying creatures
a nearby Venus flytrap takes action!
Such purse-son-allity in this print!

Nothing better than flowers and Ghastlies!

Oh yes...I see a Ghastlie bag in my future!

and for the Ghastlie man in your life...
or a gun lover...
Follow @theghastlies on Instagram
for the back stories on his creations!

September 2017 seems so far away
I for one...cannot waitt
to get my Ghastlie hands on these prints!

Til then...I need to  finish GET THIS ONE DONE!
My Ghastlies Make Modern Quilt !

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My Ghastlie "claim to fame"  just happened!

Like many of you, I could not attend Spring Quilt Market
to see the Alexander Henry Booth in person...
and my Ghastlies quilt!
But here it is in all its glory with perfect staging!

Alexander Henry Fabrics has given me permission
to share the photos in this post with you!

The quilt displayed here is made with the 2016 release of
"Something Ghastlie This Way Comes"
 The @alexanderhenryfabrics and @theghasltlies
both follow my work on Instagram 
and THEN....Ghastlie magic happened!

It's never to early for Christmas and I made this stocking a couple years ago 
using the Ghastlies Christmas print in deadly mauve!

My "Ring of Coffins" pillow features early Ghastlie prints 
in the coffins and the center focus is 
 Widower Gunnar Grislie headed into the cemetery!
(yes Grislies are part of the Ghastlie family)

Jesse an Art School Dropout is the pattern designer.  
Purchase the Ring of Coffins pattern click here and
to check out tips and tricks on Jesses' blog, click here

A view before market...those flowers!  
My heart be still! The flowers and the shadows
and their Widows Peek home!

Here at market, the pillow is paired with some Ghastlie Potions.

These Ghastlie baskets and pincushions belong to me...
they were made Julie Rousculp of Handmade by Jaia. 
as part of a Halloween Swap on Instagram

The beautiful yarns displayed atop Ghastlie fabric
again...the booth designers...nailed it!

Lots of wonderful Ghastlie Bags by Patricia Woods of 
Purse Your Lips (UK) To see her website click here
This moth and spider web fabric is in my stash!

Ghastlie Shirts made by GITMAN Vintage custom shirts 
are custom made for the show and amazing!  

Booth Shelves are full of Ghastlie Goodness!

Let me introduce you to the Alexander Henry Fabrics
"Ghastlies" DeLeon Design Group.
Phillip, Nicole DeLeon 
They are siblings and center stage!
Left is Miho Tsukimura, production department at AH
Right is John Gurman, Sales Rep from Pittsburgh, PA

Such a Ghastlie Group!

 I am a maker, I am a Ghastlie obsessed maker!
And now I have this honor of showing my Ghastlie works
at Quilt Market in the Alexander Henry booth!

I am  "over the Ghastlie moon" HAPPY!

Friday, May 19, 2017


 When I post my Ghastlie projects on Instagram (IG)
I tag @alexanderhenryfabrics -  makers of Ghastlies fabrics
I also tag @theghastlies /  Phillip de Leon 
 the artist behind the Ghastlies, along with his brother and sister
 Marc and sister, Nicole!
I have had many nice comments from both of them
about my Ghastliness !
But, THIS QUILT...is making me quite happy!

When @theghastlies saw this quilting...
the excitement began...
They thought the "serpentine" stitch I used for the quilting
was quite fitting for the Ghastlies 

 Then I received this Direct Message on IG

You can imagine I almost lost my Ghastlie mind!
The Ghastlies fabric designer is asking ME 
to borrow MY work 
for THEIR Quilt Market booth (squeeeee)
Holy Mathilda Ghastlie! ! !

The front of the quilt uses the 2015 fabric called
"Something Ghastlie This Way Comes"
The pattern is "Sidelights" by

The Quilt Backing is from 2009 and the first print
called "The Ghastlies"  

After much chatting back and forth with Phillip
I was ask to sen them....

Ghastlies "Ring of Coffins" pillow 

Ghastlies Christmas stocking

Now pay attention to this first line of this text...
from Phillip de Leon, Mr Ghastlie himself...

So here are the items I sent them for their 
Quilt Market Booth...
The baskets, pincushion and needle book were
gifted to me in a swap by @handmadebyjaia

MAY 19-21, 2017

LOOKIE....they used my real name!

How frickin GHASTLIE...
To have the fabric designer acknowledge your work 
with their fabrics and want to display them...

 THIS is what it must feel like to win an Oscar!

and oh yeah...there is a new line of Ghastlies
being introduced at Quilt Market!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


 Alexander Henrys' "Something Ghastlie This Way Comes"
fabric was the last line they released in 2016

At quilt retreat spring, 2016 I made this top
and then it sat and sat...

I finally finished it in April, 2017

I love the pattern by "Side Lights" by Quilting Mountain Creations 
Its great for a large novelty print and fussy cut pieces!

The backing is the very first line of fabric 
released in 2009 called  "The Ghastlies"

I quilting a snakey stitch ...elongated serpentine stitch
with my dual feed foot (or walking foot)
Love the saying...
"The wind is rising The air is wild with Leaves
Now Cometh Octobers Eves"

Take a closer look!
The twins,  Cordelia and Cassius are growing up
Gasper and Mathilda Ghastlie still overseeing
all things Ghastlie, including Sebastian!

Below the gray inner border was simple straight line quilting 
And the sisters Mildred, Magda and Minerva Grislie
are conjuring up something while 
Daria Ghastlie is pondering mystic thoughts
dressed in her mustard gown!

The Sidelight blocks are all fussy cut and I FMQ'd a 
back and forth line.

Gunar Grislie is searching for...
lets leave that to the imagination!

A black binding finished it off

Here are two commissioned  Ghastlie quilts I made using the pattern....
wish I had them in my collection. 

2011 (bad lighting but you get the jest of it)


And for some exciting news....
I am thrilled that my Ghastlie work has now been acknowledged
by The deLeon Design Group (Phillip, Nicole and Marc)
and Alexander Henry Fabrics! What an honor!

I will be posting about this acknowledgement soon!

A new line of Ghastlies will be released at Quilt Market 
Please to to Instagram NOW and follow me
@alexanderhenryfabrics and @theghastlies