Monday, February 22, 2021


I encourage each of you to journal your creative journey.
It doesn't have to be anything elaborate.
Just keep a list of your projects each year.

Maybe write the who, what, when, where and why
about the project!  What you enjoyed, what wasn't so fun.
Did you learn anything while making the project.
I don't spend money of elaborate journals, stickers and such.
I make my fabric covers for Compositions books.

Here is my 2021 journal made with Allison Glass fabrics.
Front, Back and inside pocket flaps.
And I have a pen tab which sometimes I forget to use!

Front Pocket is kinda deep...and you can slide stuff behind the flap.

Back pocket has my label
and a bit shorter than the front.
Again, room to slide behind the flap.

I use heavy cardstock and glue to pages for various sections.
A large paper clip helps me find the sections easily.
And i write on that cardstock what's in that section.

I number the projects as I begin them
They might be finished months later, so I come back
to the beginning to add notes, so leave space.

Notes and Tutorials
If there is a project I use a lot, I might jot down
specs for it here.

I make a lot of cards and this section
will tell me the details about them
or perhaps a video I used to make a card.

Just that

I need to add a section for this
but I might include this with MISC.

 Here are my journals from previous years.
I usually get 2 years of information inside one journal.

A glass of wine helps my creativity flow.

If you would like to see how I make these fabric covers...
Check out my tutorial here.
Its written for (QAYG) Quilt As You Go technique
but can be adjusted for any type covering.

One day someone will find your journals
and be happy to read about your creative journey.

I'm not much for New Years resolutions but...
Here's to 2021 and lots of beautiful makes!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


2020 provided lots of TV time and when that happens...
I become a KNIT WIT! 

I have learned some new stitches and techniques this year!
Kathy Guenther is a knitty friend
with lots of experience and patience !
Together we tend to knit and!

I have really enjoyed knitting these scarves/shawls.
Most of them are free patterns on Ralvery. 
If you want to see all my projects over there,
my user Name is KathyGordon

Dusk to Dawn, By Briana Kepner
50 Shades of Gradient Yarn
Fingering Weight Yarn

Letters From Russia By Annah Burnes
Pic Knit City Blues, DK weight yarn

Arlequin Shawl By Peggy Maxheim
Cherry Garcia Fingering Weight Yarn

CoPilot Cowl, By Dominique Trad
Super Sock Weight yarn, City Blues

Selago Sunset by Martina Behm
Dirty Martini and Green Tea, Fingering Weight yarn

I used a lot of blue yarns in 2020...maybe I was feelin blue?
I have lots of knitting in mind for 2021 
and a good friend to encourage and help me on this journey. 

Monday, February 1, 2021


Several years ago I received this bag in a swap.
I loved it, but it was kinda floppy.
It needed stabilizer to make it sturdy.

Today I decided I would remake it into a bag 
that I would use.  It was to to sit in a shelf.
it’s a Charley Harper bag...after all! 

Sew I assessed the original design
And though about what I would remake with the pieces!
I had to make sure the appliqué Chickadee remained where it is.

I decided I could rework into a One Hour Basket.
Sew I cut the handles off,
Cut the bag apart, both the main and lining pieces
Trimmed to the layout for a basket,
Added extra batting and stitched it down. 

 The Chickadee fabric for the lining
And inside pocket stayed the same.

The cute appliquéd chickadee still on the front 

   Happy with the remake!
And now it will be used time and again. 

  It took me four years
to get the courage to remake it...cause maybe 
the original maker might not understand?
But once you receive a’s yours to use, give away or remake it!
I am glad I did.