Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Sew much fun when Gemma visits me!
I took her shopping and we picked up all her school supplies.
I can't believe she will be in 7th grade.

But wait...lets go back to the previous visit
and a peek at Gemma's Rail Fence quilt top!

We had some work to do!
Gemma was excited to get started!
She loves that her "fabric stash" continues to grow!

She picked the sewing machine she wanted to use.
My sweet Bernina 440 and a chain piecing lesson began.

And her pressing skills were reviewed.

She loves the design wall...
as it began to fill up with her rainbow blocks.

She has 100 blocks finished.
We need 20 to make 2 more rows
for a nice size lap quilt.

School is now beginning...
but fall might bring other opportunities for us to sew again!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023


It’s never too early for making
Christmas CARDS!
And who doesn’t enjoy Christmas in July inspiration! 

I recently bought a new to me set of stamps
‘Eden’s Garden’
Nit really Christmas these
But just using reds and greens…

This technique is so easy and fun!
It’s like making your own designer paper!
 Frost your stamp from largest stamp to the smallest 
In colors of your choice

Large Flower-real res
Leaf 1 - Garden Green
Leaf 2 - Old Moss Freen
Twiggy Leaf - Burgandy 
Tiny leaf or dots - Gold or Burgundy 

And you stamp with a  + or X going in abstract angles 
(Like below)
8 1/2 x 11 card stick sheet

Then cut into (4)4 1/4” x 5 1/2” sections6

Pull sime cRd stock like red…for a bold POP of color.

Stapled sections can go into cards 
Vertical or horizontal 

Add sentiments
Outside and inside! 

Don’t foget to stamp the envelopes 

A fast and easy 4 cards at a time!
You can make them all ine occasion 
Or mix up the sentiments!